Tuesday 28 October 2008



Statesman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad will be appearing on two television news programmes today, one over ASTRO AWANI and the other over BLOOMBERG TELEVISION.

Dr Mahathir will be appearing on Astro Awani’s LIVE discussion at 2100 hrs (9pm) tonight (28 Oct 2008). I believe the entire UMNO and Malaysians in general would wait for what Tun has to say about Umno Elections. Yes! The topic is UMNO ELECTIONS.

For an earlier dose of Dr.Mahathir, tune in to Bloomberg Television over ASTRO at 1300hrs (1pm) for Tun Dr Mahathir the Economist.

In this international programme, that would also be repeated at 2030hrs (8.30pm) and 2330hrs (11.30pm) tonight, The Doctor would ‘analyse’ the current local and global economics situations.

The United States of America’s USD700 BILLION BAIL-OUT, against all norm of the International Financial regime, would definitely be DELIBERATED.

I’m sure Tun has some good advice for those who once said that ‘Dr.Mahathir’s knowledge about economy could be written at the back of a postage stamp’.

Now who said that?

p/s Don’t miss these programmes, on Awani and Bloomberg, as I’m sure both are LOADED.
IF YOU HAVE ANY SPECIFIC QUESTIONS FOR TUN DR.MAHATHIR please post them in the comments section. We will alert Astro Awani to evaluate your proposed questions on any topic, including the impending Economic Crisis.

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Unknown said...

I'd appreciate his ideas on FAIR trade rather than FREE trade

Greenspan has admitted that free trade has failed, he was truly shocked

Anonymous said...

I think the whole of Malaysia need to say big Thank you to this man.

I was watching BBC last nite and because Iceland borrowed USD 2 billion, the interest rate short up from 12% to 18% currently.

Now, that is EXACTLY what happen to Malaysia in 1997!

Even with USD 2 billion from IMF, Iceland is still begging for another USD 4 billion from its Viking neighbours. Unbelieavable!

MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73