Thursday 2 October 2008


1. Some say Abdullah or more accurately those spinning around him are resigned to the fact that the worst PM in the nation's 51 year history has to go sooner than later.
However some with vested business and political interests are trying to execute some last-minute withdrawal strategy.
It seems that these remnants of the 'Great Khazanah Robbers' are busy plotting a final arm-twisting act on none other than Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak.
Rumours has it that these culprits are trying to buy 'insurance' by pushing Najib into an agreement which would see either Zahid Hamidi or Khaled Nordin being appointed as the Deputy Prime Minister.
This two-pronged move would ensure their immunity while denying Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin his rightful place in the new Umno and Government hierarchy.
Wonder WHO is going to twist Najib's arms, is it Abdullah, Teuku Adnan, Cairy or Callimullah?

2.When Abdullah should QUIT?
Blogger Ashraf Abdullah is running a poll on when Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi should quit.
He is expecting Malaysians to vote and make their stand LOUD & CLEAR here.

p/s Listen to your heart and mind.

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Anonymous said...

You're right. Malaysianinsider, Kali's spinning machine, has the story on Zahid Hamidi going for No. 2.


Anonymous said...

who is Zaid Hamidi, is he the RM230million man? Is he a member of the Anwar-clan that was responsible of depleating Umno's coffers more than 10 years ago? Is he an accomplice of fugitive Rahim Ghousse of Abrarr? why was he arrested under the ISA? was he part of the group which collaborated with foreign powers and tried to topple the Prime Minister of Malaysia and Umno president in 97/98? apanama, you should dig more about Zaid as we don't need a wolf in sheep's skin in Umno. We have had enuf of such creatures in the last 5 years or so.
I know for sure, but we must show hard evidence to unmask this dangerous Anwar stooge.
Nevermind the stories about him being a mat-rempit thug who assaulted his daughter's boyfriend in a park in Country Heights..thats personal.

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Anonymous said...

eddy said...

Bro, the Abdullah camp sure is digging the bottom of the barrel if they could only name Zaid and Khalid as their stooge(insurance) for the DPM post, one has a rather colourful past starting as Anwar's pointman and the other cannot even talk properly in front of the TV camera, both, have NO charisma necessary to help Najib lead the country.

I say Tan Sri Muhyiddin has the necessary experience and charisma to help Najib lead our nation.

Anonymous said...

Khaled Nordin and Zahid Hamidi don't speak English. These two are plain idiot. Even Tan Sri P.Ramli in the 50's was already quite fluent in English.

Anonymous said...

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see how Zahid Hamidi is parroting whatever that is being propagated by Kali's latest PROPAGANDA machine - MalaysianInsider. Wonder if they still need masks or even clothes to cover their naked greed?


Apa kata Zahid Hamidi: "...the feeling on the ground was that International Trade and Industry Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin had been abrasive in regard to Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the party president. He is too harsh in asking the prime minister to step down. In Malay culture, we ask nicely.

"I was Najib's political secretary before and know him very well. I know he will never take sides." - Zahid Hamidi ketika mengumumkan keputusan untuk bertanding jawatan Timbalan Presiden Umno semalam.

Terjemahan: "...sentimen di peringkat akar umbi ialah Muhyiddin kasar dalam perkara melibatkan Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Beliau terlalu keras dalam mendesak Perdana Menteri meletakkan jawatan. Dalam budaya Melayu, kita kena beradab.

"Saya bekas setiusaha politik Najib dan saya amat mengenali beliau. Saya tahu beliau tidak akan menyebelahi mana-mana calon dalam pertandingan ini."

Apa kata Malaysian Insider (senada dengan Zahid) : The Insider has learnt that Datuk Seri Najib Razak is not going to publicly endorse anyone who offers to contest the deputy president’s position.
His rationale: If the person he does not endorse wins, it could complicate his working relationship in the party and government with his deputy.
But party officials expect Najib’s camp to send signals to the ground that he would be pleased to work with Zahid if the latter was elected deputy president.

Terjemahan: Insider difahamkan tidak akan memperakukan sebarang calon Timbalan Presiden secara terbuka.

Rasionalnya: Sekiranya calon yang beliau perakukan kalah ia akan merumitkan tugas beliau dengan Timbalannya. Bagaimanapun pimpin parti mengharapkan Najib akan mengeluarkan "signal" kepada akar umbi bahawa beliau boleh berkerja dengan Zahid sekiranya beliau menang jawatan Timbalan Presiden.
P/S: Sementara itu, Bahagian Kampar menjadi bahagian Umno ke4 yang akan mencalonkan regu Najib-Muhyiddin untuk jawatan Presiden dan Timbalan Presiden. Sebelum in Batu Pahat, Cheras dan Titiwangsa telah membuat kenyataan serupa.
* Bahagian Machang (ketua bahagian: Ahmad Jazlan Yaakob) dan Kimanis (Anifah Aman) merupakan bahagian pertama yang akan mengadakan mesyuarat bahagian pada 9 Oktober.

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Anonymous said...

Abdullah planning to axe Muhyiddin and Rais Yatim from the Cabinet next week and call it a Cabinet Reshuffle?
If this ever takes place, UMNO leaders and members must prove their worth by standing-up for the TRUE leaders who stood-up in the best interest of the Umno and our country ... Malaysia.
We should not allow Abdullah to destroy this beloved nation for HIS survival.
Wake up my fellow Malaysians! Don't be whores who could be bought over with wealth and positions.

ayahanda kg.baru

Anonymous said...

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi can't speak English, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi can't speak English, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi can't speak English, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi can't speak English, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi can't speak English, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi can't speak English, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi can't speak English.

Rokok buka satu!