Monday, 3 May 2010

Vote Umno and BN OUT, says PETRONAS's GM

Updated - The Queen may have unleashed her cyber-troopers but ROCKY's BRU says the President of Petronas has finally seen the light. As the Queen's cyber troopers are proposing for a witch-hunt at Tower 1, read another fresh insight into the former Parti Rakyat Malaysia VICE president's IDEOLOGY. -

"The executive (read: Dr M and gang) has been abusing the legislative and the judiciary so long that it thinks that this is a right, not a wrong. It's so bad that even Anwar, who belonged to the highest echelons of the executive, couldn't right this wrong. This means that the only alternative is to sack the present executive branch (read: BN) and elect new representatives.
3. A beginning of a new, more equitable, multiracial approach to managing this wonderful country called Malaysia. Our citizens are relatively tolerant of each other, but the BN has continued the British divide-and-rule (and outdated) system of government in keeping us apart. After putting up with this for 42 years, you must agree that the only way from here is to look at alternatives to the status quo. We have to UPGRADE.
4. A real and committed plan to alleviate poverty, esp. among the Malay rural community which has been used and abused by Umno for far too long. The Anwar issue has only been a catalyst to the expression of dissatisfaction among Malays, not the over-riding reason to voice a need for change. To claim so is disingenuous.
5. A stronger government to take Malaysia into the challenging new millennium. The BN can't do it - it's quite obvious. Even their leaders admit so, blaming external forces for their failure. Blaming is not going to solve our problems as a small trading nation in a corporate-ruled world. Having a clear and consistent policy on managing our assets will help stave off the sharks when they come to feed here. Eg., if privatisation is reversed, even the WTO will not have jurisdiction on our assets. When you put our assets in the hands of a few private corporations, you leave these assets vulnerable to takeover from within and outside the country, esp when these corporations mismanage our assets. Will BN reverse privatisation? I seriously doubt it! So who will? The opposition, of course.' or so says Queen Steryll Stothard HERE.

"If you feel UMNO and the BN have denied you your rights as a citizen of Malaysia, then vote them out. Your one vote is as Equal to the vote of any other Malaysian, Malay or otherwise. - Sheryll Stothard in Haris Ibrahim's blog

Also read another damning revelation HERE (courtesy of Parpukari)

p/s Take note Mr.President, and don't expect this to stop. The worms are wriggling to get out of the can.

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Aah, sheryl stothard yang sering tunggang terbalik di pub bangsar baru tu...

Kita maklum dia tu bekas Naib Presiden Parti Rakyat Malaysia (PRM), dan sekarang dilantik pulak jadi Pengurus Besar Komunikasi Korporat Petronas, di mana dia jawab terus kat CEO Petronas yang mendabik dada satu sekolah dengan DS Najib di St John's dulu.

Apa...dah korek habis-habis latar belakang dia dan yakin 100% dia layak memegang jawatan tu? Tak ada sesiapa rasa yang pelantikan tu bagai sengajaj menusuk duri dalam daging?

Macam blog Lenggong Valley cakap...satu "politico-corporate suicide?' (kalaulah ada istilah sebegitu...)

Jika pihak yang bertanggung-jawab, terutama individu-individu tertentu dalam Keraajaan yakin si Sheryll ni dah bertaubat, apakata diimbas kembali rekodnya seawal Januari lalu bila dia mengepos dalam blog peguam aktivis apa jua, Haris Ibrahim supaya rakyat "...mengundi menjatuhkan BN sekiranya mereka berasa ia telah menafikan rakyat hak sebagai rakyat Malaysia..."

Dengar khabar si Sheryl ni makin naik tocang kononnya tak ada siapa berani sentuh dia Petronas...dia boleh buat apa saja selain bebas dapat akses kpd fail-fail sulit Petronas...

C L J said...

Apa ni ?? U are trying to destroy Malaysia through Petronas ??????

Anonymous said...

You should quote the statement in its entirety. Otherwise, that's just grossly misleading.

Anonymous said...

ada kah PM tidak tahu.bukan saja petronas tapi banyak lagi ceo GLC yang berlagak begitu. sebab tu staff dia orang banyak menentang kerajaan.begini lah kalau pemimpin tak peka.akhir nya berakhir lah sebuah kerajaan yang berjuang.

Anonymous said...


Blogger My Anger latest post said that Petronas CEO is going ahead with Sheryll Stothard's appointment which will take place tomorrow.

Please do something!

Abu Garcia said...

Hah ... para board of directors petronas tunggu apa lagi? Siasat ..jangan tak siasat atau anda juga terbabit sama dgn puak subversif dlm petronas.

amal said...

honestly I feel that this is totally unfair. just because a few years back somebody says something, that doesn't mean that he/she still holds the same stance now.

look at ezam n wee n zahrain n zaid ibrahim and many others! everyone changes.

NoMalayApologist said...

Ayat tu kalau diterjemahkan sepenuhnya akan berbunyi:

Jika anda rasa bahawa UMNO dan BN mengekang hak-hak anda sebagai rakyat Malaysia, maka janganlah undi mereka.
Bagus apa nasihat tu

dHarjma said...

did you even read anything of what she wrote? you quote two lines out of no-where, and many mentally challenged readers just take that as its entirety and run along with it.

Old Fart said...

So, does it mean if PR were to win the next GE, all you guys who previously supported UMNO's BN have to start looking for new jobs?

Anonymous said...

Stothard must declare she condone PM najib 1 Malaysia.Good Luck Stothard!


Anonymous said...

As far as looks are concerned, she gets my vote as Petronas Corp Comm Head. The face of Petronas-you just can't go wrong with this. And her political leanings-she is no more VP of PSM, so what's the big deal. The big difference this lady is compared to the likes of Chandra Muzaffar, Zahrain, Zul Nordin, and the other frogs us taht she's obviously possess class and cultured enough not to talk bad about her former friends in opposition politics.
Grow up malaysia, this is perfectly in line with , Rakyat didahulukan, Pencapaian diutamakan (hope I got that right).

sri hartamas

Anonymous said...

I agree with what Sheryll Stothard stands for: I am not agreeable to fundamental basic needs being privatised whereby doing so, what is available for free is further reduced to nothing and quality is compromise. For instance, in years to come possibly core basic health needs will only be for the priviliged.

I think our biggest problem is we identify ourselves with political party first and then we look at the subject matter raised. We should look at the matter broughtforth and leave political party inclination behind. Whether we are PR, BN as normal humanbeings our basic wants are the same. Now the question is can we get it from BN. Maybe if any political parties start looking at issues regardless who brought/introduce it as long as the rakyat benefits from it and we can agree on it we will be better off. Not necessary because it is the Opposition, we must oppose everything they propose. And not necessary because it is BN we should accept all decisions made without challenging.

anak petronas said...

Khabarnya, orang Hassan Marican paling galak dalam isu pompuan ni. Ada usaha nak jatuhkan Datuk Shamsul. Betul ke?

Anonymous said...

There two types of response so far. One from pro govt and the other against govt! Logic says that who is in power must ensure that your underlings don't do stupid things like HIRING AN EX VP OF AN OPPOSITION PARTY TO BE YOUR COMMUNICATIONS HEAD!!!

So for the government, what a stupid idiot you hired to head the biggest money making corporation in your hands. In SunTzu Art of War, this is tantamount to putting your dick under the guillotine and waiting to be chopped off!

For the opposition, common lah if you guys are in power what you think u'll do? Mari lah kita berbaik baik semula and rapat kan jurang and maintain our braders and sisters who were pro govt! No way! What you'll guys do is to chop off their heads/dick/etc. So, old fart poorah you will all kill the enemies!

So whoever is in power better be smart abt it and don't allow guys like the CEO of Petronas to think with his dick!


Anonymous said...

And she's supposed to head Petronas's Group Communications...imagine what she could say about a rival.

Unknown said...

People of Malaysia

Question is since when was an employment of an individual to any company is based on their choice of party ie political preference????

This girl can take up a case against the company or they should pay her for lost of income.

ahli umno said...

ayuhlah presiden petronas melihat kan apa yang berlaku dlm perlantikan tersebut kalau dia ni bekas np prm buang aje dari jawatan tersebut,ingat petronas adalah milik kerajaan bukan anda punya

ahli umno said...

ayuhlah presiden petronas melihat kan apa yang berlaku dlm perlantikan tersebut kalau dia ni bekas np prm buang aje dari jawatan tersebut,ingat petronas adalah milik kerajaan bukan anda punya

Tulang Besi said...

Now dat Sheryll Bostord, is GONE!!

There are many like her who are enjoying all the privileges of the Govt, with Salaries blow out of der proportion to fit their fat chubbs..

Hope more such ppl backbiting the hand that feed them are exposed..

These people not only backbite govt,, they smear the name of Malaysia, some are rebidly anti-Malay.

Anonymous said...

I agreed that basic public service should not privatize and made it into an unlimited ATM to churn out money.I have been paying tax and enjoyed the company medical benefits until lately I retired and tried out the so call our government hospital and I was shocked to experience the way the little napolean " from receptionist to pharmacist" control the entitlement to treatment and dispensing of certain medications to only "privileged" raykay who may have paid a single cent of tax. ABUSE IS EVERYWHERE- I HOPE THE MEDICATION HAS NOT GONE UNDERWATER AND SOLD TO THE PHARMACY FOR MORE PROFIT.