Wednesday 1 August 2012

Bloody PKR politics

Its looks like even the dead are not spared by PKR's bloody politics. Not that capitalising from the suffering of others is something alien to Anwar Ibrahim and friends but the manner they do it is sometimes perplexing. 

We know the death of Teoh Being Hock has been used and abused by DAP in almost every ceramah and by-election since his controversial death in 2009. 

Hundreds of thousand ringgit were collected in TBH's name and even a 45-minute theatre play was produced to stir anti-Govt sentiments and provoke hatred against the authorities. 

In all these DAP plays however, DAP leaders never mention that TBH was 'killed' due to his knowledge of DAP's dirt in Selangor. He was in the SPRM office on that un-fateful day to give evidence in the probe against several DAP leaders.  (OK we continue TBH's case very soon when a recently repented DAP leader starts telling us more abt what actually transpired and what else TBH knew .before his untimely death...)

The issue here is about politics and how our desperate bunch of Opposition politicians never shy away from abusing even the dead for their political benefit. 

The flyer (above pic) is being aggressively distributed in suraus and mosques in Lembah Pantai (along with a bunch of other lies and half-truths like how Kit Siang's son Guan Eng had reduced Penang's debt by over RM600 million). 

Anwar's daughter Nurul Izzah is the YB in Lembah Pantai and the bloody flyers are printed by PKR. 

YB Nurul Izzah, is this not bloody dirty...especially so when you are going around preaching to fellow Muslims in the month of Ramadhan? 

p/s Bertaubatlah YB, jangan ikut jejak mereka yang sudah sesat dikaburi kegilaan untuk berkuasa. 

p/s A concerned secondary school boy who is disturbed by such bloody flyers in the midst of society passed me this and a bunch of other cheap PKR political propaganda in Ramadhan.

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Anonymous said...

Did they really collect hundreds of thousands?
How do you know?