Sunday 12 August 2012

How different are you?

Namewee of Malaysia 

The above is film producer and 'racist' Namewee's another attempt at stardom. It may even be a genuine work of art by the controversial Malaysian Chinese young man but I don't think the Chinese (of the People's Republic of China) are amused or entertained by his latest video clip insulting their badminton star Lin Dan. 

 I was fuming that our own badminton star Datuk Lee Chong Wei was forced to apologise  for the 'kurang-ajar-ness' of Namewee... until I came across the following article in today's Mingguan Malaysia.
I may not agree with Namewee and had considered him to be a humiliation to Malaysian Chinese on many instances..the last being earlier today, but I believe this Mingguan Malaysia columnist Siti Jarum has put the entire nation to shame with her
'Keluarga Loga kena bersyukur' piece.

How different is Siti Jarum from Namewee? 
Its painful to note that there are hardcore racists among us who collectively put this nation to shame. We must be as sorry to the late Loga's family as sorry we are to the people of China. 

Long live 1Malaysia

p/s How different are you?

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Anonymous said...

This namewee fella is not only racist, but he is also a total idiot..he doesn't even have the talent to become neither a film director nor actor..go and check all the rubbish movies mastersh*t directed by him and you will find out that this dimwit have no talent at all..this dumbhead only know how to create unnecessary controversies.