Friday 10 August 2012


"Puravalen is also closely linked to Kalimullah Hassan Masheerul Hassan, the man who attracted a lot of controversy in the days when Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was Prime Minister and who was the architect of the equally controversial ECM Libra". - Raja Petra Kamarudin
Go2 RPK's latest expose HERE and learn more about Suaram, Sivarasa, fugitive P.I. Bala and the millions of RM transactions to ensure someone is fixed... certainly not to ensure justice for Altantuya.

The resurfacing of Billionaire Businessman Kalimullah Hassan's name in this dirty scheme just reminds me of rumors, way back in 2005-2006, of a high level conspiracy to prevent Najib from replacing the Sleeping Slumberjack of a Prime Minister then.

Kalimullah's name popped-up then, along with the names of a son-in-law and his 'death-floor' strategists. 

Those damning rumours remain and are yet to be put to sleep while we awaken to yet another of RPK's inside story. 

RPK's credibility is subjective but he sure does rekindle the not so distant past. 

The subtle moves to stop Najib from assuming the Prime Minister's post, till the 11th hour by the likes of a youthful Merican,  should remind the PM that the knife is still out there.

p/s You may want to keep your enemies closer but make sure not to let your guard down. 

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