Monday 6 August 2012

Do we MALAYSIANS really want this?

NOT so subtle moves of the LGBT movement in Malaysia

Malaysia-born Chinese Christian Pastor Ngeo Boon Lin and his newly-wed HUSBAND ...

One Chinese Christian gay pastor pushing the limits in Malaysia while another Chinese Malaysian who attended the Chinese Christian Gay Pastor's wedding ( to another African-American man) reception in KL says ... "One guest, Eric Goh, said gay Malaysians “need to come out in bigger numbers and we need to have more straight people support us.”

Hey sista, what if the big majority of Malaysians who are against such public display of gay culture popped out in big numbers? You guys really wanna push this further? 

This is not a land where a mother and son could make babies in the name of freedom...STOP such shit before it hits you in the face, literally. TQ 

Kissing and karaoke: Gay couple who married in US cheered by 200 banquet guests in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — A gay pastor who married his musical producer boyfriend in New York last year has fulfilled a vow to hold a wedding banquet in his native Malaysia in what they believe is the first such event in the Muslim-majority country.
Malaysian-born Ngeo Boon Lin and African-American husband Phineas Newborn III, quietly held the closed reception Saturday — complete with public kisses and karaoke ballad performances — with about 200 guests, including a handful of Chinese-language journalists who were asked not to report on the event until afterward.

The couple risked the ire of a government that has banned a gay arts festival, prosecuted a politician for sodomy and declared that homosexuality has no place in Malaysian society.
“We’re thankful to be able to make Malaysian history here,” Newborn said. 
...more of this shitty western agenda HERE

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Anonymous said...

Only PKR people want this. Follow the leader. Depan boleh belakang pun boleh.

Siti Najwa said...

malaysia government should not allow this confirmed-a-gay guy from abroad coming to our country. we had more than enough gays already in malaysia...