Thursday 16 August 2012

TANDA PUTERA ... a movie


Pesona Pictures are pleased to announce that the film Tanda Putera will be released nationwide on 15 November 2012. This date has been given to us by FINAS. The September 13 postponment is not an issue with us and we are happy with this new date. 

We believe that the start of the school holidays will be an optimum time for the film’s release and allows more time to plan its promotion and we thank FINAS for taking this lead. We hope this will help to allay concerns over the film’s screening date.

This film is a joint production between Pesona Pictures and FINAS. As the makers of this film, the intention has always been to celebrate the relentless human spirit and the sacrifices of 2 great men for the love of their country.

There have been calls by certain political parties to preview the film for re-evaluation. We would like to thank them for their interest but would like to clarify that sneak previews are only held for focus groups, the Media, artistes and their families, our friends, potential sponsors and marketing partners. These sneak previews are costly and we are unable to accommodate all these requests.

Tanda Putera has been approved for screening by the Malaysian Censorship Board with a Certificate PG13. This is the only censorship authority applicable to the Malaysian film industry.

There have also been allegations that the character of a prominent DAP leader has been featured in this film. We would like to reiterate that there is no such character in Tanda Putera.

Since the release of the film’s 90 seconds trailer, many baffling false and baseless accusations have been made about the film on the Internet by those who have obviously not seen the film and are not the usual patrons of local films. Some have even gone a step further to ask for a boycott of a film they have not seen.

These unfair attacks have been a source of great stress to the Tanda Putera production and artistes. As such we are most gratified to have received tremendous support from film enthusiasts as well as those who have actually seen the film either through focus group screening or sneak previews.

The scenes on events surrounding May 13 make up about 10 minutes of the entire length of the 115 minutes film. These scenes are merely the backdrop to the story that led to Tun Dr Ismail coming out of retirement and rejoining the Cabinet. The main story is about Malaysia’s second Prime Minister, Tun Razak and his Deputy, Tun Ismail, their friendship and struggles in healing the nation after the riots until their untimely passing.

We would like to call for an end to the threats and personal attacks against the producers and the actors in the film. We also ask for people not to be influenced by the deliberate misrepresentation of the trailer intended to stop people from watching the film.

Please watch the film and come to your own conclusions.

This film is our interpretation of the events after much intensive research. It is our creative expression and we urge all parties to respect our rights to do this as filmmakers.


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Anonymous said...

YES no gag orders from pakatan

Anonymous said...

Filem propaganda politik ke, dokumentari ke atau sehebat filem Bollywood?

Sehebat filem arwah P. Ramlee ke?