Monday 10 September 2012

Bravo for new born-in-Malaysia airlines


UPDATED: This new airline is indeed Malaysia's new budget airline which would offer FULL SERVICE, meaning passengers or rather customers would be enjoying the normal services like food, seat assignment and oooh ya..that would most certainly include the aerobridge. 

Basically the new Hybrid Airline would offer customers the normal expected service without any HIDDEN CHARGES and the FULL SERVICE comes much cheaper than conventional airlines like SIA or MAS.

BRAVO! With this latest premium budget airlines, more Malaysian could now fly, and fly they could without being dictated by any form of arm-twisting.

Hopefully the much appreciated 'interlining' is also thrown in for the passengers of this new airlines spearheaded by two well respected conglomerates from Malaysia and Indonesia. 

The 'nusantara' will be witnessing the birth of a new airline company in less than 24hours - 

EARLIER POSTING: Our home grown National Aerospace & Defence Industries Sdn.Bhd (NADI& Indonesian conglomerate PT Lion Grup (which owns Lion Air) will ink the deal to jointly operate the new airlines which will be launched by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak on Tuesday (tomorrow).

I'm certainly elated with this latest news and I do hope that the new airline would give its customers/passengers a fair deal, minus the hoodwinking and the too-good-to-be-true ad campaigns. 

Also, please DO NOT emulate a certain cheap airline people who throw tantrums at airport operators and regulatory authorities. 

Be nice lah! Congratulations to NADI and Lion Air... also to both Malaysia and Indonesia... Kita Boleh! 

FlightGlobal's Greg Waldron has a little bit more about the timing of the launch HERE. 

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Anonymous said...


AirAsia tutup kedai atau jadi keldai?

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha why am i so happy with this news although i dont know exactly who the new airline operators are and their plans?
guys, just make THE arrogant sob run for his money and eat his shoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Supper on the aero bridge pls

Anonymous said...

Competition is good , real business . See how air Asia will react , all this while TFT is quite arrogant........

zakzak said...

as much as I'm looking forward for this pleasant news, I must say I'll wait for the actual offering in their website before really walking on air :D

Anonymous said...

Whether Airasia will close shop or not, that we have to see. But one thing for sure, MAS is going to be even a bigger loser as they can't monopolise the full service sector. God bless our tax money which is definitely going to be used to bail out MAS again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you DS Najib for saving the rakyat from being bullied by the arrogant& cocky Tony the Ular & his partner in crime!

Anonymous said...

Now everyone can REALLY fly?

Apanama said...

Air Asia was considering whether to move to KLIA2 or not. Guess they could now take their own time doing that.
This new airline is both timely and necessary to serve the nusantara.
Well done Mr.Prime Minister, you have successfully sent a very strong message with the launch of Malindo Airways.

p/s Do not try to hold the Government, that helped nurture and assisted you, at ransom. TQ