Wednesday 5 September 2012

Some Christians are Anti-gay ...

This is an interesting piece of news from the UK because there is an obviously false public perception that Christians by and large support or even promoted LGBT culture.  

BTW has any Christian priest or the priest of authority in this country made their stand when it comes to supporting a gay/bisexual leader? 

p/s Heard Lim Guan Eng the Penang Chief Minister is a 'closet Christian'. Some say he is Joseph Lim, another friend said his name was Jupiter Lim. Whatever Lim he is, I wonder why the often loud chief minister is camouflaging his true self. Are you also trying to fool the Chinese ah? 

... some Christians are in the closet!

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sharifah said...

I thot nama dia Rainbow Lim @ Rainbow Kim.

Anonymous said...

Christianity as a religion is and always has been against LGBT.. Although we are against it, we are encouraged to not hate them.. it is VERY different from actually supporting the LGBT concept.

I'm not sure why in Malaysia, things Pakatan HAS to be connected to Christianity and from there, to LGBT.. don't call them Christians; by virtue of their deeds, they are no longer Christians. I am a Christian myself, and I abhor these people who use Christianity as a political tool.

But I can just imagine, if I were a foreigner and reading news about Malaysia for the past 10 years or so, I'd probably come to the conclusion that Malaysia is a Muslim majority country that has a very high obsession with sex and sodomy.. Isn't it the job of our elected representatives on both sides to ensure the sovereignty and good name of our beloved country?

- Perceptor

Anonymous said...

Right! But Malaysia is practising the open democracy where the Pembangkang is given freedom to oppose in whatever way, manner and even notions they want to. It's still a stone-age mentality Pembangkang that we have. Very childish and despicable. Shouldn't give them that much freedom - like In Singapore.