Friday 14 September 2012

Protecting virgins in Borneo

A specific group of foreigners seem to be interested in Malaysian virgins and they have been fighting hard to ensure that virgins are not raped in Malaysia.

They are the die hard promoters of the - 'rape of virgin rainforest in Malaysia/Borneo' saga and these crusaders are multidimensional in action and fiction.

There are hundreds of allegations, claims and reports out there to insinuate that the statements coming from such crusaders against rape and their local lackeys were indeed true.

The controversial Bruno Manser Fund or BMF is one loud proponent of this 'stop the rape of virgin rainforest in Malaysia/Borneo', despite the fact that the man who started BMF .. a Swiss environmental activist Bruno Manser had indeed fathered a few kids in the interiors of Sarawak.

Well, it looks like these group and their local lackeys are back in action ... increased action in view of the looming 13th General Elections.

“We have reason to believe the unfounded allegations are politically motivated and not driven by any love for the environment. The allegations are therefore baseless and made with bad intention to discredit the sacrifices made by the state government to achieve good forest governance and sustainable forest management in the shortest time possible, despite the economic, financial and social challenges.
Short-term licenses that cause tremendous damage to the environment are being drastically phased out and Sabah’s forest management credibility is at its highest — an open-book philosophy whereby logging and forest management areas are all open to third-party and NGO scrutiny.” 
While the Sabah Forestry Department has come to the defense of Aman, it has acknowledged small-scale cases of illegal logging within its forests, which are in no way near the scale and extent as allegedly reported.

Press statements issued by the Sabah Forestry Department claim that if allegations by the Bruno Manser Fund and Sarawak Report were indeed accurate, it would imply that at least 1 million cubic meters of timber were illegally felled, representing a land mass of 50,000 acres, or 50 percent of the timber produced from Sabah’s forests in 2011...The Mole

A Jollence Lee pic

An expose in The Mole
A little bit more of past "FDI and their election propaganda' - Bushmen in Sarawak

Also the documentary by veteran journalist James Ritchie for an insight into our Penan community. (James Ritchie is also the man who discovered Bruno Manser in the jungles of Borneo...where Bruno was 'protecting' the naive local) 

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