Wednesday 12 September 2012

The letter Newsweek never published


To really know Anwar is to live in the country he lives, feels the effects of his actions during the years he was in government, especially the tumultuous years when he began to snuggle to the American government for support against the more patriotic Mahathir.

Anwar is a political predator, an opportunist, just following the guidebook of how to succeed in politics as a career. To him politics is a career he has chosen and as any career minded person he will try to advance in his career path to reach the pinnacle which in this case is to become the Prime Minister. 

He conjures up events to destabilize situations and true to the instruction manual of how to win in politics he exploited the situations conjured. But, unfortunately for him, he surrendered to his questionable moral conducts. But then again he has conjured up a very pious image to distract the innocent minds. 

He is a grade A student in politics, that’s all. His populist image is nothing more than just hypocrisy and of course an opportunity. His lifestyle is far from the people he purports to feel for. 

He was the one who introduced the culture of money politics and cronyism and of course corruption at the highest level (how else is he able to garner such financial resources to continue his career ambitions?) 

Failing to succeed to reach the pinnacle in this manner he used what he introduced and blamed it on Mahathir. That is vintage Anwar. 

To the Malays he is one of the many treacherous sons in their history that opened the back door of the palace to let the conquest of their nation.

Former Prime Minister Mahathir had a mission. He wanted to bring the backward majority Malays to be at par with the more equipped Chinese so that together they will benefit the 2020 vision of a modern Malaysia. 

When there is equality especially in economic stability is ensured and democracy can prevail. In Malaysia democracy is work in progress, a one-day-at-a time balancing act. We were doing alright until Anwar decided it is too slow for his career ambitions. So unfortunate for Malaysia.

The above is a letter written by former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim's close friend. Anwar Ibrahim was sacked from Government and eventually from his party Umno for sexual misconduct (unnatural sexual activities) and gross abuse of power. He spent a couple of years in jail is now out, since 2004, mounting a challenge to the premiership. 

While trying to convince Malaysians to support his bid to be the PM, Anwar was again charged for engaging in unnatural sexual activities with his aide (boy) and 'natural sex' with a Chinese prostitute (captured on video). 

He has so far denied having HAD the Chinese prostitute despite the strong video evidence, and the High Court had also acquitted him from the charge of sodomising his aide. Not doing it and not being found guilty is a different matter and the HC found him not guilty due to technical reasons. 

Anwar had filed a defamation suit against his aide for allegedly making false allegations against him, but today he has given Malaysians another opportunity to evaluate him.

As his close buddy rightly pointed out in the letter above - His lifestyle is far from the people he purports to feel for.  

Anwar withdraws defamation suit against ex-aide Saiful


Anwar's lawyer Ranjit Singh said that the Opposition leader withdrew the suit on the basis that his reputation had been vindicated by his acquittal over his sodomy charge.
Anwar was acquitted by the High Court on Jan 9 for allegedly sodomising Mohd Saiful at a condominium in Bukit Damansara on June 26, 2008. - The Star

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Anonymous said...

This bastard must repent. He has caused so much trouble in otherwise peaceful Malaysia.

ahmad said...

Anon Sept 12, 1342hrs.

Repent, he will not. Continue creating chaos, he will.

Hell awaits him.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you see what I saw he's getting older ..the more the mamak he looks..

Osman Pandikutty

Anonymous said...

now he has the second chance to become a transvestite or transpolitikus. over my dead cock.