Sunday 2 September 2012

Prevention is better than cure

...its better than cure


A tattoed-girl in RED (communist ka amoi?), the not-very-attractive pig-faced bitch in Bersih t-shirt, the bunch of Bersih hooligans who want to replace their parents and rewrite their existence and the squatting shitty jambu-boy (click on the pic to ascertain the jambu-ness) plus all those shameless Malaysians who enjoyed the show... would they have done what they did on the eve of Merdeka at the historic Dataran Merdeka IF the Internal Security Act was still intact?
Is the Government today weak ... or is the leadership overly cautious to take appropriate action against such acts of treason because the General Election is around the corner? (The GE may also be a reason why the Bersih hooligans behaved they way they did on Merdeka eve

Most importantly do we have enough remaining 'preventive' laws to prevent  Malaysia from going up in smoke? 

Those genuine (free from politics of hatred) anti-ISA activist who championed for human rights and freedom of expression may want to ponder this latest black spot in our history. These genuine activist may want to urge the Government to re-enact some form of a stringent law to replace... not the ISA but the Sedition Act of 1948 (which was also repealed as a gift of greater civil liberty for Malaysians).

Obviously some segment of Malaysians are bent on abusing their freedom while an increasing number from the not-so-young generation think its time the authorities cracked the whip.

Does the National Harmony Act which was supposed to replace the Sedition Act 1948 pack enough punch to knockout the extremists among us? 

National Harmony Act replaces Sedition Act 1948 

11 July 2012 

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak tonight announced that the Sedition Act 1948 will be repealed and replaced with a new act to be known as the National Harmony Act.

The decision to repeal the act was to find a mechanism that could ensure the best balance between the need to guarantee the freedom of speech for every citizen and the need to handle the complexity of plurality existing in the country, he said at the dinner of the Attorney-General's Chambers with the Prime Minister at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre here.
"With this new act we would be better equipped to manage our national fault lines. It will also help to strengthen national cohesion by protecting national unity and nurturing religious harmony," he said.
Also present were the Chief Secretary to the Government Datuk Seri Dr Ali Hamsa and Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail.
Najib said that the absence of an ideal balance could suppress the freedom of speech which was guaranteed by the Federal Constitution, hinder one's creativity and innovativeness or promote the spirit of chauvinism and extremism.

He said the balance must be achieved in a more open social environment with access to information which could lead to information overflow, an increasing standard of education and socio-economy and rising expectation.
"The provisions proposed in the National Harmony Act will stress on inculcating the spirit of harmony and mutual respect in the Malaysian society made up of various races and religions," he said.
He said the new bill would be more specific in nature and would enable the government to act against anyone using sensitive issues to break up national solidarity.
The Prime Minister said the government would ensure that the provisions of the new act would not hinder the power to tackle acts that could cause hatred and humiliation or stoke the feelings of disloyalty to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong or any Ruler.


Dear PM, we do know these repeal of ISA, Sedition Act and other preventive restrictions are part of the greater Political Transformation Plan. 

We do hope that the SILENT MAJORITY who are against politics of hatred and extremism would rise against those ills and send a strong message via the BALLOT BOXES but ...

We also fear that some segment of the SILENT MAJORITY may choose not to remain silent if such blatant provocations continue on our streets.

We also fear that the Ministry of Home Affairs and particularly the Royal Malaysian Police may not be getting the necessary moral support and encouragement to stand up against such Bersih, Janji Bersih-like extremism. 

We support the Political Transformation but please make sure and make it clear that the plan does not in any way tie the hands of our men in blue and turn them into bystanders when some idiot sets Jalur Gemilang on the name of freedom.

Restraint has its limits, Sir!

*** For those of you bent on painting the Home Ministry, Home Minister and the Royal Malaysian Police in bad light ... hold your horses bros, party election lambat lagi.

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frahman said...

salam saudara.... saya 100 per cent setuju dengan cadangan and seruan saudara kepada pihak kerajaan, dalam hal ini, the PM himself and the home ministry, to take drastic action against these idiots.
the time has come to show these idiots that the government should not be taken for granted just because the 'open concept, by PM in various aspects.
Sudah tiba masanya kerajaan tidak perlu takut untuk mengambil tindakan terhadap kumpulan orang orang biadap seperti di dalam gambar di atas.
Tidak perlu takut hanya kerana pilihanraya semakin dekat, tidak perlu takut jika harus kehilangan undi hanya kerana tindakan susulan yang harus di lakukan terhadap golongan biadap, kurang ajar ini.
Sudah terlalu lama pihak kerajaan terlalu lembut terhadap golongan golongan tertentu ini hanya kerana sebab undi dan pilihanraya.
Cukup. ayuh, pada pihak PM dan Home Ministry ambil tindakan yang seharusnya sebelum terlambat dan banyak lagi 'benda benda pelik' akan dilakukan oleh pihak tertentu dan terlepas begitu sahaja.....

Anonymous said...

That is correct 'frahman', if the governing party of today was/is afraid of using the brunt of the laws against those idiots and seditious law breakers for fear of losing their votes, I am giving out this message;'Whether they were let off or charged with inciting, the outcome will still be the same, those idiots (if they were bona fide voters) would never vote for the present governing party!'.

theprofessor said...

The stompers were damn lucky I was not there that night. I would have gladly stomped on their heads the minute they did what they did. The young girl looked quite cute though but she still deserved to have her face stomped by football-trained feet.

bzz said...

agree with you bro. and theprofessor tooo

Anonymous said...

Dont worry, any leaders that the youth hate be it form any parties will behave like this.......IF we do not stop scuch a animals acts.

So watch you leaders of all paries BN,PAS<DA PKR and etc...just wiat your turn......Isthat what we want or is that what the Janji Bersih wanted....MARIA speak up!

tebing tinggi said...

Kalau tiada ketegasan dipehak kerajaan"pehak berkuasa" bagitulah jadinya,segala-galanya dipersedakan.

Kalau kerajaan yang sedia ada dilihat 'BACHUL'patutkah kita mempetaroh nasib masa hadapan kita kapada kerajaan yang BACHUL.