Friday 1 February 2013

Attempted 'murder' of PDRM

There are many familiar faces in this video. One of them is Suaram' Executive Director Nalini Ellumalai who blatantly blames the Royal Malaysian Police for murder. 

Nalini shouts her heart out in this video - "Ini adalah satu pembunuhan, betul? Pembunuhan ini berterusan dan tidak berhenti, betul? Kalau dia (C.Sugumaran) seorang yang mempunyai heart attack kenapa you gari dia? It's obvious ini adalah satu pembunuhan" 

A group of very familiar Pakatan Rakyat politicians like N.Surendran , Lateefa Koya, Manikavasagam and their lackeys staged this political drama outside the Federal Police Headquarters in Bukit Aman purportedly to protest the death of security guard C.Sugumaran who collapsed and died after police handcuffed him on a roadside in Kajang recently. 

C.Sugumaran did not die in police custody (as in lock-up) but collapsed and never regained consciousness after being handcuffed at the scene. The deceased (with a history of mental illness) had earlier ran amok and destroyed public property. (according to initial police statement and eye witness account)

Selangor Police have proposed for an inquest to investigate the death of C.Sugumaran following attempts by Pakatan Rakyat politicians to manipulate Sugumaran's death for political mileage but these same Pakatan Rakyat politicians have denounced the proposed inquest without any justification.

Well if its true that C.Sugumaran was beaten to death by the two policemen who apprehended him with the help of members of the public, the duo must face the full brunt of the law. But what if all those wild allegations hurled by these Pakatan Rakyat politicians and their lackeys like Nalini are mere fabrication?

How could you, Nalini, say that this is a murder (pembunuhan)? Were you there at the scene witnessing this pembunuhan? 

Another Pakatan Rakyat politician who hurls blatant allegations against PDRM in the video above is M.Ravi - the PKR state assemblyman for Port Dickson. 

Ravi, speaking before a banner with Sugumaran's dead body with PKR flag superimposed on it, says "Polis ini licenced killer! 

Well, maybe its time for the police to act. Investigations into Sugumaran's death must not leave any stones unturned. 

But PDRM and the Home Ministry must also initiate immediate action against politicians and their lackeys who make blatant accusations of 'murder' and 'lisenced killer' without any basis. 

Forget about politics and political considerations, that is none of your business in this matter. This is about upholding a 'Royal' institution that has become a favourite target of politicians.

I believe the two policemen who rushed to the scene to detain a unstable man who was running amok on the streets of Kajang on that day have their rights too. PDRM too should stand up for their rights or risk being ridiculed by desperate politicians and their lackeys.

p/s Nalini, your 'spin' that police was wrong to handcuff a man who suffers from heart problems sucks. Your insinuation that the policemen knew Sugumaran had heart problems or heart attack, thus shouldn't have handcuffed him speaks volumes of your level of intelligence and/or desperation.

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izad12 said...

this sort of stupidity has been tolerated for far too long.only a stupid person will tolerate such nonsense.the inaction of the relevant authorities on such blatant lies, against the public institution should be put to a stop.enough is enough...

Anonymous said...

They are expecting PDRM to do health check first on those going to be arrested !!!

Go and fly kites lah.

Anonymous said...

'only donkey people do donkey stuffs'

Anonymous said...

The people must tell these politicians to be honest. Reject those who are liars because they are not fit to lead. Taking advantage of somebody’s unfortunate death for small political gain is not acceptable. You will never progress if you have this type of politicians. They will only bring down the country for their own benefit.

Anonymous said...

Yes please go ahead with the inquest and if the allegations were false... please sue those politicians in courts!!!!

I am fed up with those stupidity/

Anonymous said...

These politicians are actually the "real thugs/traitors". If no action taken by the relevant authorities, they will twist & says "not doing their job, waste of tax payer monies, bought over by certain parties & etc. If action taken then they will says "licensed killer, abusing authority & etc. They are just out there for their own/party political gain.
This is what is happening in all the PR ruled states, they turn & twist their own manifesto if they cant't delivered what they have promised.

Anonymous said...

Next time when someone run amok u calll Suhakam, Bar Council, Latifah Kyoak burit dan tah mangkok. That why Penjenayah kini besar kepala,rompak sana ragut sana sini, tembak sana sini, bunuh sana sini, Pecah rumah masuk curi, ugut dan rogol sana sini, Bila POlis tangkap meka cepat bela, Bila jenayah tak boleh kawal Meka salahkan Polis, Senang itu macam. Nanti Latifah Koyah mengadung POlis jugak di salahkan , ooop If without Penjnayah running around Meka mau cari makan mcm mana. Itu periuk nasik mereka. Paklah Tahniah ini lu punya Bebal Guna otak di Kepala celah kelengkang Jean..

Anonymous said...

Latifah koyak got make any noise when police got killed by thugs?

Anonymous said...

I think they want to follow india's style where the public refrain from helping a young lady being gang raped for fear of doing something "wrong"

Anonymous said...

Bunch of stupid, idiot thug longkang politicians..

Anonymous said...

You know what, when the crimes were rampant on the streets and the people no longer feel safe, these crooks blame the PDRM. When the PDRM does their job, risking their lives in the process, like chasing the car that rammed into them, these crooks then rallied behind the criminals accused the PDRM being trigger happy. And if the criminals are not Malays, they choose to look from the race point of view that PDRM goes after one race. The fact that those people are seasoned criminals which terrorized our streets not withstanding.
If you are ask me why the criminals are increasingly bold with the their criminal acts, it is because of the unwavering support from these guys.
They blame the PDRM for rising crime rates but the rot actually set in during the Bersih rallies last year when PDRM was brought down and humiliated like a stray dog. It embolden the criminals to go for the crime spree as the PDRM had lost its fear factor. It was the single bigget contribution by the Bersih activists to Malaysian people.
The people right now are reaping what they already sowed. That episode was the lowest point for the PDRM.

Anonymous said...

Hello Politicians,
make up your mind lah! when the police do their job, u say abuse of power lah killing spree lah itu lah ini lah tapi kalau mereka lambat bertindak, waste of tax payers money lah. eh, kalau u all yg bayar gaji polis, tlg naikkan gaji mereka sebab they are underpaid, macam yg u all tuduh gomen. please i beg u, make up your mind lah!

mitchell said...

I do agree that most times politicians go over board when confronting issues concerning PDRM and as always remarks and comments seem childish.
PDRM should also provide sensible answers that the public need to know, Fine, he should be handcuffed because he had just run amok, fine that he has bruises probably due to the struggle he put up, but what about the tumeric on his face..what about still being handcuffed after he had died.
Thats case no 1, case no 2: the lady that was shot 22 times??
case no 3: The swindler in Sabah who PDRM said was not related to Sabah CM?
UNtil all this niggling questions are answered, the rakyat will have a low perception of the police.