Thursday 17 October 2013

A tight slap for idiots

... and those who ape them. 
"And now Malaysia. “Bumi, Not Booming” is about Najib’s announcement of a policy known as “the Bumiputra Economic Empowerment”. This hideous policy discriminates against the Chinese who make up 25% of the population but run much of Malaysia’s business, and Indians 7% but having disproportionate presence in the professions.

Apparently any attempt to give the Malays and the indigenous people (68%) a share in the business (and the wealth) and to become professionals is unfair, wrong and unjust. Liberal people should not do this. If they get no share of the wealth and places in the professions, they should just be poor spectators.

Prior to the Elections Najib had tried to win over the Chinese by ignoring the plight of the Malays. He even ignored the National Education Policy by supporting Chinese education with money. He tried to endear himself to the Chinese with more money. However the Chinese voters rejected him. Only 3% voted for him. Sounds like gross ungratefulness. For this Najib should dole out some more money, which would be the right thing to do.

But the Malays supported him. Apparently according to the Economist it is wrong to support those who support you. You don’t do that in civilised countries. Let the supporters rot." - Chedet

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Anonymous said...

Mamak jugak yang dapat last last, kan? Melayu tulen je yang jadi lembu!

Anonymous said...

PEDAS......sapa di antara pemimpin UMNO yang pegang kepada prinsip ketuanan melayu? berjuang untuk Islam dan Melayu dan bumiputra? Hanya pemimpin yang jelas kewibawaan dan perjuangan dipilih. Yang retorik, liberal dan berlakon hebat, singkir ajer. Faham tak orang UMNO. PRU 14 tak jauh tau.

Anonymous said...

anon1101 mamak jugak yang dapat? sebab yang mengata mamak itu bodoh, malas, otak ciput letak kat kepala lutut. mengaku islam, ikut nabi tetapi perangai macam babeee. lepas tu salahkan mamak. siapa melayu tulen? turki, siam, bajau, bugis, pakistan, malabari, jawa, mandaling, aceh, sulu? siapa melayu tulen?