Wednesday 9 October 2013

Reviving the spirit of Umno

Listen to Akram HERE

Melayu Lama wrote - Vote Akhramsyah Sanusi for Youth Chief. Unlike kj, Akhram actually has a job, pays his taxes, contributes to EPF and actually has an idea what the wage earning crowd go through to some extent. 

Couldn't agree more, or less, with Melayu Lama. Akhram, who is Umno stalwart Tan Sri Sanusi Junid's son, is an individual with both his feet firmly on the ground. He certainly is not a 'crown prince' at the helm due to family ties or billionaire friends. He is certainly born and bred in this country.
Akhram's battle cry for the upcoming battle for the Umno Youth Chief post' is 'Hidup Melayu'. It may sound old and rusty to some but the soul of the community lies in that keramat battle cry.

Some young liberals in Umno have started making fun of the 'Hidup Melayu' slogan/spirit that Akhram has officially revived. Hidup Melayu may sound kolot to some Mat Salleh wannabe or centrist neo-liberal but remember that it is the same battle cry that reverberates in Dewan Merdeka every time the Umno family gets together. 

p/s Came across an interesting Dec 2011 piece by Datuk Johan Jaafar about the need for Umno to go back to its basics. You don't have to drag Umno to the centre for it to be relevant. 

The article makes perfect sense now, as it did then in 2011. Umno and those wanting to be leaders in Umno should just get back to basics and serve those folks who vote/voted them in. 
p/s 1 - A little advice for incumbents and aspirants - Don't be corrupt and corrupt those around you. Don't splash cash for votes. You can't survive for long when your sole strength is money and nothing else. Most importantly, try to earn a honest living before wanting to be a leader. 

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Anonymous said...

Jual Melayu Nak Dapat Undi!

Sigemuk ni tak ada benda lain nak jual!

Anonymous said...

Saya mahu semua calon jual Melayu sampai Melayu di julang dan di perjuang.

Jangan jadi macam Anon bodoh 12.17, hanya tahu jual cemuhan dan fitnah.

Benyamin Alsagoff said...

Akhram calon yang bukan saja bijak tetapi ikhlas & berakhlak.Patut menjadi contoh pd Pemuda UMNO. Hidup Melayu.

Anonymous said...

INSYAALLAH, Akhramsyah diberi peluang menjawat Ketua Pemuda Umno Malaysia.. Amiin Yaa Rabal A'lamiin