Wednesday 30 October 2013

REVOKED or just a show cause?

Kawalan Prima licence revoked but operating as usual 

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 30 — The security company whose licence was revoked a day after its guard shot and killed an AmBank officer a week ago, is still operating as usual.

The Malay Mail visited the bank branch in USJ Sentral 2 in Subang Jaya yesterday and saw a guard from Kawalan Prima Sdn Bhd on duty.

This was despite Home Ministry senior deputy secretary-general Datuk Alwi Ibrahim’s announcement that Kawalan Prima’s licence had been revoked.

An AmBank spokesman said that Kawalan Prima was still authorised to provide services as the firm was only given a show-cause letter from the Home Ministry. - 

The above is part of a MalayMail report  that poses more questions than answers into the circumstances leading to the recent brutal murder of an Ambank officer, by an armed guard engaged to protect the bank employees. 

The Home Ministry's announcement of the revocation of the operating license of the security company, a decision which was re-affirmed by the Home Minister himself, is certainly a wise 'no nonsense' decision in the best interest of the public. 

But as pointed out in my earlier postings, the general public tend to trust statement (esp that coming from politicians) less. Action speaks louder than words!

If the above MalayMail report is to be taken as the truth then there is something really wrong (or corrupted) in the implementation of directives in the Home Ministry. 

Why is it that Kawalan Prima appears to be above the Home Ministry/Home MInister and the law? 

As I said earlier, the level of trust is very low. When you say one thing to the Press and then there is no follow through. When people discover that you were just paying lip service, everything falls through the hole of distrust. 

STRICT: Firms not up to par will have their licences revoked

PUTRAJAYA: THE Home Ministry will conduct a massive operation nationwide to vet the identities of  private security guards and check whether their employers  are complying  with regulations.
This comes in the wake of the death of an AmBank employee in Subang Jaya on Wednesday. The victim was shot dead by a guard said to have been hired without proper security checks.
Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the exercise was necessary to ensure that security firms complied with licensing requirements and that every guard hired was qualified.
"I have ordered the review on all security firms to see if they had complied with the requirements for the licences they had applied for. They will be graded accordingly."
Zahid said firms that failed to comply with the requirements or found to have misused their firearms licence would have their licences revoked.
"The security firms will be graded A, B or C for their level of compliance. The firms that are not up to par will have their licences revoked." - NST

Warnings and feel good statements could be necessary but I'm sure action could speak louder. 

Why is it that it appears as though the Home Ministry is powerless to act against a security company that armed an illegal immigrant with a firearm?

The illegal immigrant with fake ID killed a mother of two with the firearm supplied by the security company.... and the Home Ministry just gives the irresponsible security company a showcause letter (as per the MM report)?

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Anonymous said...

re: "PUTRAJAYA: THE Home Ministry will conduct a massive operation nationwide to vet the identities of private security guards and check whether their employers are complying with regulations."

As someone who has always had friends who worked as security guards, I would like to appeal to the ministry in charge of regulating the working hours of private security guard firms. You see sir, my friends at a Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan work 7 days a week on 12-hour shifts, without a break throughout the entire year. They have no family life, let alone social recreational leisure whatsoever. And their salary as of last month was RM 1200, and many a times their pay-packets are delayed sometimes by as much as a week, or even longer still.

Dear minister-in-charge, please attend to the plight of these folks, our hardworking and honest brethren.

Labu8455 said...

Pemilihan pucuk pimpinan UMNO kan sudah berlalu...

Anonymous said...

FYI, Kawalan Prima is one of the top dogs in the security industry. Now I'm not sure of their political 'connections', but if it is indeed true that the company has been issued with only a show cause letter, then something is very seriously wrong about the way it is being enforced.

Trust me, if a small fish security firm is involved, you can bet my last pants that the ministry will IMMEDIATELY revoke and come to their office and shut them personally. Hell, they may even issue arrest warrants to the directors etc. But alas, the Force is strong with Kawalan Prima, or should I say 'cables'.

Furthermore, why no mention of the company's name? Why isn't the name publicized? Why no official statement from the Home Ministry? Or even from the security's association?

This whole affair stinks.


Unknown said...

Hopefully DS Zahid will not become another Menteri Amaran. Satu cukuplah.

Anonymous said...

Apa korang ingat senang2 ke agensi kerajaan/kementerian nak tarik permit/lesen sesuatu syarikat daripada beroperasi. Korang ingat investigation dah selesai ke masa depa buat statement tu? Nampak sangat korang tak tahu mcm mana agensi kerajaan membuat kerja jika ia melibatkan aspek undang2.

Melainkan pejabat peguam negara dah beri kata boleh revoke license barulah satu2 agensi kerajaan berani ambik tindakan begitu. Korang ingat Kawalan Prima tak saman kerajaan ke kalau agensi kerajaan buat kerja tak ikut prosedur dan ambik tindakan yang salah.

Korang yakin ke Kawalan prima yg bersalah dan bukan agensi kerajaan yg terlibat dalam tapisan keselamatan dan mengeluarkan permit senjata api kepada pengawal terbabit iaitu Polis. Jadi janganlah cepat mulut dari otak seperti pembangkang.

Apanama said...

Tell the truth. Its as simple as that. TQ

Anonymous said...

Dah menang VP, now back to giving out amaran & confusing statements lah

Anonymous said...

Kalau la Polis or KDN lembap sangat tapis, then why the hell syarikat tu bagi jugak mamat tu pegang senjata? Knp tak boleh tunggu? Sbb rugi la kalau tunggu since the license for the firearm syarikat dah dapat, kalau takde orang keje duit tak masuk. Ini bukan soal cakap mcm pembangkang, tapi common sense. Bila dah jadi kes berat mcm ni, siapa nak responsible?

And people marah sbb KDN dah announce lesen kena revoke, tapi what is the REAL thing yg berlaku? Revoke ke or surat tunjuk sbb ke? Employing a foreigner as an armed guard is a big offense, apatah lagi illegal foreigner.

KDN had better come clean about this.


MrAngry said...

If Kawalan Prima is innocent, then they can go to the courts and sue the papers - the matter of the fact is that they have not. They have not even made a simple statement to acknowledge, let alone apologise, for the dead mother & wife's loved ones.

Kawalan Prima's latest screw up is already irrefutable evidence that there is indeed something very wrong with the governing body, be it Kawalan Prima is either very close personally to some soulless creature who calls the shots, or the ministry has not taken the case seriously enough to enforce the ruling.

If Kawalan Prima gets away with a slap on the wrist, other companies may as well close shop and let any Tom, Dick & Harry carry a weapon and take care of our loved ones and belongings.

Anonymous said...

Action has been taken by the ministry/minister to shutdown the company immediately after the case occur- Pls find today's newspaper for the statement...everyone should be pointed to ambank why they still using same security company? Smell something fishy? I can bet this is not menteri amaran n the truth has taken the place as what public believes

Gossip Rakyat said...

Ramai sangat tak suka Zahid bila jadi Menteri KDN baru. Sebenarnya cerita pasal PAK GUARD tak la macam tue. Nak tau baca blog nie...