Friday 25 October 2013

Send them to JAIL!

Police are certainly hot on the trail of the Ambank engaged security guard who was involved in the cold-blooded murder of bank officer Norazita in USJ Subang. 

Police have detained three family members of the ARMED security guard who escaped with about RM450,000 from the bank. Those detained are All foreigners from a neighbouring country. I believe they are from Indonesia. 

Initially the suspect was identified as Ardi Bin Hamzah from Tawau, Sabah.
It appears now that the suspect is not from Sabah. He is not a Malaysian. Police say he had used forged identification papers. 

But is it so easy for a foreign criminal to fool the authorities and the security company which not only employed but also armed him with a pump gun? 

Thumbs up to the Home Ministry for revoking the firm's operating license. The Home Ministry/police must now conduct a thorough investigation to ascertain how the foreigner managed to land a job and obtain a pump gun.

Revoking the operating license is certainly not sufficient. We cannot afford to stop there. 

Those who own/operate or run the company must be sent to jail. The punishment must serve as an example to others. It must be a deterrent. 

The Government must come down hard on such irresponsible business people or else we will see a repeat of this gross stupidity.

... or was it sheer greed?  

I also think that the victim's husband and children, and Ambank should file a multi-million legal suit against the security company. 

Teach the culprits a lesson and show the kids who lost their mother at such a young age that there is this thing called justice.

Police: 3 family members of suspect who shot bank officer detained

SHAH ALAM: Selangor Police have apprehended three individuals believed to be family members of the security guard involved in the Ambank shooting who are still on the loose.

One of the three individual is a women believed to be the suspect's wife while the other two are men in their 20's.
Selangor police chief Datuk Mohd Shukri Dahlan said that both male were working as security guards for different security firms.
"We managed to retrieve RM20, 000 of the RM450,000 cash robbed from the bank at one of the security guard's working place.
"They are now in police custody and taken under Immigration law for not having valid travel documents," he said at Selangor police headquarters.
Mohd Shukri said police investigations revealed that the suspect, known as 'Ardi Hamza' was not a Malaysian citizen.
"We are currently investigating whether the suspect have any prior criminal records in his home country.
"At the same time we are working together with the International Police (Interpol) to ensure that the suspect would not be able to leave the country.
"We have also stationed our men at ports and borders across the country as catching him is our main priority now.
"However we believe  that the suspect is still in Selangor and armed with a gun," he said.
Mohd Shukri also urged the public who might have information on the whereabouts of the suspect to immediately inform the police.
On Wednesday at 6.18pm, bank officer Norazita Abu Talib, 37, was shot on the head with a pump gun by the bank's security guard when she opened the bank's strong room with another female officer.

The victim has been working with the bank for 16 years.

Selangor police chief, Datuk Mohd Shukri Dahlan shows a photo of the suspect wanted over murder of bank officer. -- NSTP/Osman Adnan

p/s Wonder how many more criminals are roaming our streets masquerading as security guards, waiting for the opportunity to pounce on.... I wonder where they wander.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100%.


Anonymous said...

Ni projek IC punya pasal

Anonymous said...

I wonder where they wander. (last para)

adieu1999 said...

No need to waste money by jailing them. Jz shoot them. Aother thing bro, i heard the security company is Securiforce Sdn Bhd milik Dato Dr. Maznah binti Hamid is it true?

RD. said...

Name the Security company too. Let the public know who is their boss and I hope, not related to any politician.

Apanama said...

TQ anon 8:16 PM

Anonymous said...

the government must investigate all the privately owned security companies through out the nation to avoid similar happening; i understand most of the shopping complexes engage foreigners as security guards...when I ask some of them where they come, they will normally reply from sabah...

Anonymous said...

this is a very serious offence due negligence of the security company which employed this bastard cold blooded murderer.

it is time the authority charge the company's directors and charge them under the penal code if it applies.

its just too much for a husband to lose a wife and children to lose a mother due to greed and negligence of such company directors.

Anonymous said...

It is a tragedy waiting to happen. The Home Ministry has been closing one eye on Security companies.

Non-Malaysians SHOULD NEVER be allowed to be hired as security guards. They are walking around sensitive and high risk locations with walkie talkies in hand, speaking in Bangla, Nepali and other languages that the Managers do not understand.

Totally agree that the owners of the Security company must go to jail for such negligence!
Security guards must be made mandatory to be ex-servicemen. Their salaries must be reasonable to attract the right level of personnel

Anonymous said...


Investigate too the ird syndicate that issuing the ics. Pls make sure no stone unturned.

Apart from the security comp the family mst also sue KDN IRD for their part in the ic scam.

MrAngry said...

The name of the company is Kawalan Prima Sdn. Bhd.

KDN CLAIM the license was revoked - the company is still operating. The company license was NOT revoked. It may be the statement by KDN can be construed for not telling the truth or the little napoleons at lower level refuse to enforce the revocation.

Proof can be seen, go and judge for yourself. For this weekend, you can see them managing KLCC. Go and look at the badges on the guard. Go walk around the banks on Monday and I garuntee, they are still running the show - including AmBank.

It's sad that those involved do not give a damn about the woman's life. Business as usual.

Anonymous said...

if the security company is truly owned by Maznah Hamid, i strongly doubt any thing more than a slap on the wrist will be taken against her company.

"sri hartamas"

Anonymous said...

Yes, Kawalan Prima is operating as at yesterday, still guarding Maybank, RHB & a few other banks. KDN wake up lah!

Anonymous said...

Projek IC Oh Projek IC. Mamposlah Melayu ditangan Indon.

Apanama said...

FYI - IC palsu dan tuduhan org asing diberi IC menerusi 'project IC' adalah berbeza. Bukan begitu?

Apanama said...

To those who try to politicise this 'illegal armed guard' issue. Go get a life. TQ