Thursday 31 October 2013

Another armed guard turns robber

Armed security guard with fake ID robs goldsmith shop in Setapak

KUALA LUMPUR: An armed security guard from Sabah with a fake Identity Card, robbed a goldsmith shop in Setapak which he was tasked to guard, at gunpoint this morning.

The 26-year old guard  stormed into the the premise in KL festival City Mall shortly after it was opened for business at about 9am and pointed his gun at the seven workers including branch manager.
City police deputy CID chief Assistant Commissioner Khairi Ahrasa said no one was injured in the incident.

"The suspect is the guard on duty for the store that day. He fled with an undisclosed amount jewellery," he said when met at the Kuala Lumpur hospital this morning.
The robbery closely resembled the murder-cum-robbery in Subang last week where a bank's security guard, also from Sabah and with a fake ID, shot dead a bank officer and fled with RM450,000. - NST

The goldsmith shop in KL festival City Mall in Setapak which was robbed at gunpoint by its own security guard.

Armed guard robs jewellery outlet in Setapak (updated)

PETALING JAYA: An armed security guard robbed a jewellery outlet at the KL Festival City Mall in Setapak near here Thursday.
The robbery occurred around 9am and a police source said the suspect was identified as a Sabahan but is believed to hold a fake identity card.
The security guard, who had been on the job for less than two months, had pointed a pistol at the store owner and escaped with a tray of jewellery around 9am.
City deputy CID chief Asst Comm Khairy Ahrasa said the owner and the three staff in were getting ready to open the store at the time.
"They had read about what happened at the bank and quickly gave him a tray of jewellery out of fear," he said.
The guard, still in his uniform, took the tray and casually walked out of the mall.
"It happened so fast that no one, apart from the staff from the store, knew what had happened," he said, adding that police are still checking the value of the stolen jewellery.
Police are also checking if the pistol used in the robbery was issued to him by his security firm or was privately owned.
Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said that it was possible that this security guard was a copycat robber.
"It is possible that this security guard got the idea from the security guard from AmBank.
"I also do not rule out more cases involving security guards robbing their employers," he said.
He urged all security companies to check their personnel thoroughly.
"If there is any doubt or red flags raised, please contact the police and we will help you," he said.
Khalid added that police are also paying closer attention to security guards now and random checks are ongoing nationwide.
When contacted, the security firm that hired the guard said he was identified as a Sabahan in his IC, but declined to comment if they performed any vetting on him or whether he was licensed to carry a firearm.
On Oct 23, a security guard shot dead bank officer Norazita Abu Talib after she opened the strongroom of an AmBank branch in Subang Jaya.
The guard escaped with about RM450,000 from the vault.
Police managed to recover about RM20,000 after arresting three of the suspect's family members. A manhunt has been launched for the guard.
It was reported that the man had a fake Malaysian IC stating that he was from Tawau, Sabah. - The Star
As some 'friends' told me earlier today, it is certainly not the right time to point fingers at anyone/authority/minister/ministry or security company. I fully agree with the opinion and the unsolicited 'political' advice that came with the opinion.
We must not be pointing fingers BUT we must get to the root cause of this stupid situation that we are in. It is so stupid because the guards who are suppose to protect our banks and gold shops are turning robbers and murderers. 
In both cases, the robbery cum murder in Ambank USJ Subang and this latest jewellery shop heist, the robbers are reported to be guards with fake identity papers. 
How did someone with fake identity papers got employed as a security guard? Under normal circumstance there is absolutely to chance for someone with fake ID papers to do so.
How did these 'fake ID' guards came into possession of those firearms? 
No, we are not pointing fingers at anyone here but I guess someone has to be responsible. 
I pray the Home Ministry will get to the root cause of this problem as soon as possible as I'm sure many on the streets of Malaysia and beyond want to know what actually happened.  
Please tell us the truth and then do something to rectify the situation. I'm sure that is not too much to ask from the government. 
Oh ya. BTW don't forget to punish the culprits... the rogue guards and those who made it possible for them to be employed and armed. 
p/s I hope there are no more copy cat cases of similar nature as pointed out by the IGP.

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Anonymous said...

The truth is Mcm mna semua ni boleh lepas?? Nmpak sgt drpda kpimpinan dahulu kebocoran kselamatan brlaku dan inilah akibatnya trlampau mementingkan wang dan xbuat krje kselamatan dgn teliti. Bkn nk mnunding jari tp ini realitinya dan kpimpinan skrng la yg perlu mnjawab diatas kelekaan dan sikap bongkak terdahulu. Msti anda xstju bukan?? Fikirlah.. How did someone with fake identity papers got employed as a security guard? From when?? Now siapa nk menjawab??

Anonymous said...

Rasa siapa salah? Adkh syrkt tu yg bersalah dan bukan agensi kerajaan yg terlibat dalam tapisan keselamatan dan mengeluarkan permit senjata api kepada pengawal terbabit. Drpda bila ini di biarkan?? Sbnrnya jnyh boleh jd pd bila2 masa kta sbgai rkyt wajib mncegah brsama bkn hya tunding jari.

Anonymous said...

yg ni pun dgr berita tadi asal dr sabah betul ke?...asyik dr sabah je kes ic palsu anu war puna projek ic dululah..sial kau anu war

Anonymous said...

here is the truth

the company applied for all the necessary requirements. so it is not their fault although KDN claimed they didn't apply for the guard. so something is very wrong where so call guys can get 'fake' IC that pass KDN as well as police vetting.

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