Thursday 3 October 2013

Staying sane when it heats up

We all know that the 'status quo' mantra for the three Vice Presidents of Umno in the upcoming party elections didn't go down well at the grassroots. A similar 'no-contest' mantra for the top two posts in the party too received loads of criticism but the greater sense and responsibility towards the party prevailed. 

Unity, they agreed, was more important than jostling for the top most position.

Even Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad fully supported the 'no-contest for No 1 & 2' stance as not to create further divisions in the party which remains as the lynch pin of Barisan Nasional. Privately Dr Mahathir explained that if Umno were to break up this time, the BN will face a major earthquake as almost all other components, in the peninsula at least, were at their weakest point. This message was later disseminated to all and sundry.

Simply put, the political terrain and situation was fragile for a contest for the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister's post. The implications were not on Umno alone. 

If Umno is weakened due to serious power struggles, then BN would most probably suffer a similar fate. The government faced a real threat of 'falling'. That was the ultimate risk.   

So, the no contest plea for DS Najib Razak and TS Muhyiddin Yassin's posts was gradually accepted at all levels, despite some grumblings here and there. 

Next came the 3 VPs. A similar attempt didn't really go down well from day one. The argument that Umno would break-up and be weakened if there were contests for the VPs posts couldn't hold water. Eventually former Malacca chief minister DS Ali Rustam and Felda 'tycoon' TS Isa Samad voiced their intentions to vie for the VPs post. 

As usual there were rumbles and grumbles. There were claims that the two were planted to prevent other lesser souls from entering the race. Talk was that the two would withdraw their nominations within the 72hour withdrawal period after nominations and give the incumbents a free ride. There were deals and offerings, but eventually both the veterans filed their nominations (and have not withdrawn from the race). 

A few days before nominations, Kedah Mentri Besar Datuk Mukhriz Tun Mahathir also announced his intention to contest for the Umno vice-president's post. (video above)

The ex-chief minister and Felda tycoon's declaration that they were going for the VP seats received subdued response from Umno's top leaders but when news of Mukhriz's intentions broke out, there were mini earthquakes everywhere. It is a fact that even the incumbents were so rattled that one of them ditched out a rather telling advice. 

The once naughty (by his own admission) leader said Mukhriz should seek the blessing or consult the party president before wanting to contest for a VP's seat. It appeared like a well intended advice but the fact that a similar advice was missing for both Isa and Ali Rustam was glaring. 

Fast forward. Now there are six leaders vying for the three VP seats. The three incumbents are good men. There must be good men among the three aspirants too.

Good men, particularly respected politicians and leaders, must not stoop too low especially when it is your own party elections. You must not stoop too low because the contest is within your own family and not against outsiders. 

If you are campaigning, tell Umno members why they should choose you. Explain your track record and your plans for the party and this beloved nation of ours. 

Don't go around bitching about or ditching out unsolicited advice to your fellow contenders. Don't go around ridiculing the need for Umno to rejuvenate from within just because age if not on your side. 

Be wise because win or lose you are still a leader of Umno. Don't drag your fellow aspirant's father into the equation and ridicule the old man.  If others start digging your past shit.... it would be a very shitty affair. 

You know, some people can be very naughty too.

Thank you. Selamat bertanding secara bersih dan berhemah. Jangan lah kurang ajar!   

p/s There seems to be all kinds of claims and counter claims in the Wanita and Pemuda race too. 

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Good advice to those contesting, Sir.
Thank You.