Thursday 16 January 2014

Don't Worry Be Happy

As captain and leader vested with enough powers to command, control and manage your team, you are not doing good.  I'm saying it again, you are heading to a point of no return. 

You are proving your critics right again and again, as days pass by. People are giving up hope. Your knee-jerk peace efforts (with your political opponents) are sending the wrong signals.   

LISTEN! YOU are your greatest enemy, not the Opposition and certainly not the people who tell you, the Emperor, that you are indeed naked. 

How could you continue to lead when you can't seem to be able to handle the truth? Think about it.

The antics of your running dogs barking at the messengers is bloody sickening. Personal attacks against messengers who tell you the fact of the matter is cowardice of the highest degree. 

Personal attacks against journalists/writers who relate people's concerns and grouses to the powers that be, is shameful.  

Cage your running dogs or teach them a trick or two about obedience before they turn around and bite you. 

But then again, you may continue to listen to the jokes and soothing tunes played by your court jesters, advisors and running dogs because you are the Emperor.  

The Emperor, I STILL HOPE, wakes up before its too late, puts on his clothes and cracks the whip. Start cracking the whip in your own office where the dog poop smell is overwhelming.  

What do you do when there is no hope? 
 Bobby McFerrin says - Don't worry be happy.  It will soon pass, whatever it is.

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Anonymous said...

"Your knee-jerk peace efforts (with your political opponents)"

Peace efforts?

I am not sure if this was sarcasm.

Accusing Mat Sabu of being a Syiah is not making peace.

I guess it was sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

Biar anak orang biasa kite berpesan jujur dengan gurindam Raja Ali Haji kepada orang besar.
As salaamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

Anonymous said...

And he had not made any public appearance or statement since the kangkung debacle became the joke of the month and most favourite veggie of the weak. His silence is a mark of his inability to connect with the people. It is true that his weak leadership is the country's liability. People, even supporters of UMNO find it difficult to defend this guy. Besides why should he be defended because he owes every single Malaysian quality leadership able to decide on policies that take into consideration the hard impact on the people and should have devised across the board the social safety net. Dont scorn on the word social because after all a nation is about the wellbeing of people, not only the wellbeing of capitalists, free market, financial czars and foreign investors. This is where he and his advisers have got it wrong thinking that if free market and capitalism can be pleased, the society will benefit. No, in the real world things are more complex and the dynamics and efferversence of the sentiments of the people cannot be ignored and discounted.

Anonymous said...

The first thing the leader should do is take control and take the lead stop depending on advisors, councils, image consultants, makmal results bla bla bla

You know the problem, the bloody take action

Yeah , u should also shutdown your twitter account facebook and bla bla and start living in the real world