Friday 18 July 2014

An urgent SOP to STFU


Looks like we urgently require the Government or those related agencies to come up with a detailed Standard Operating Procedure - SOP -in relation to the security threats in the east coast of Sabah.

The Prime Minister had requested for a detailed SOP for the enforcement authorities request for a  'shoot on sight' approval from the Government.  The request came from the Chief of Navy following the latest murder and kidnap of policemen on duty at Pulau Mabul off the coast of Semporna.

While the SOP for 'shot on sight' is apt and necessary for a more aggressive operation against armed intruders and terrorists from Southern Philippines, I think the Prime Minister must also order whichever related agency or persons to  draw up another more important SOP.

This new SOP on how 'Not to shoot your mouth off' must be made applicable to all politicians, including the Prime Minister and all his able Ministers. Some overzealous fame-craving reporters must also be put behind bars if it necessary to protect lives.

Don't you think this SOP to shut up is important?

Is THIS not playing with the kidnapped policeman's life?


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Yang said...

"The dearest of you as long as you have not met us are those of the best reputation. But after we have seen you, the best of you to us are those best in character. And when we scrutinize you, the dearest of you to us are those most truthful in speech." [Umar al-Khattab]