Thursday 24 July 2014

Malaysia! Lets forego large-scale Hari Raya celebrations...

...and stand with the families of MH17 & MH370.


A sombre and moving affair


EINDHOVEN: THE first batch of 40 caskets carrying the remains of those who died in the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 tragedy arrived here late yesterday afternoon from Kharkiv, Ukraine, on board two military transports.

The nation and this historical city, which had seen its share of bloodshed and carnage during World War 2, observed a minute’s silence as the caskets were taken out of the cavernous bays of the two military aircraft and loaded into the 40 waiting black hearses lining the flight line.

Air traffic here was grounded, trains were stopped and people on the streets bowed their heads in reverence for a minute in respect to those who lost their lives when MH17 was blown out of the sky on July 17. - NSTMH17B More details of how the Dutch brought the whole nation to a standstill to honour the souls onboard MH317 in the NST today.

Adelaide too mourns the tragic lost of its first international visitor. 1stAdelaide MH17  was the new Adelaide International airports FIRST international visitor in 2005.

The whole world, the east and the west, north and south irrespective of colour, creed and beliefs are mourning this tragic lost of lives when MH17 was shot down while flying over Ukraine.

Pointing fingers loaded with real and manufactured evidence seems to be the rule of the day, especially among the superpowers, ever since the the Monday mid-air murder but the Dutch have certainly broken away from this vicious cycle and set their priorities right.

The Dutch, the King, Queen and the Government have placed the interest of the victims' next of kin above everything else. The way the caskets carrying the remains were handled and the respect and honour accorded speaks volumes.

I believe, after the due process of identifications are done with, the remains of our fellow Malaysians would reach home during or after this year's 1st of Syawal - Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. MALAYSIA-UKRAINE-RUSSIA-AVIATION-ACCIDENT I suppose this time around Hari Raya in Malaysia  would be free from extensive celebrations as a mark of respect and in memory of those onboard MH17 who perished in the tragedy and others onboard MH370 who are yet to return home after more than four months.

The Prime Minister and probably members of his cabinet could set the tone for the nation by not holding large scale, carnival-like Hari Raya Open House celebrations.

If you have to celebrate, consider keeping the celebrations low just among family members and close associates.

Hari Raya, I feel, is the right time for us to stand together with the children, spouses, parents and next-of-kin of all those who, we pray, are Resting In Paradise.

Al-Fatihah to every lost soul, irrespective of colour, creed, beliefs or the country of origin. May God bless you and place you in paradise. NajibMH17

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