Sunday 13 July 2014

Deaf and dumb in the White House, and the United Nations

It shows exactly what they are capable of. Forget about who really assassinated John F Kennedy or who piloted commercial airliners which crashed into iconic buildings into the US.

Wonder what happened to Saddam Hussein's yet to be found WMD. WMD was the main reason why the US and UK unilaterally invaded and destroyed Iraq, and murdered Saddam.

Wonder what happened to Osama bin Laden. Why was there a need to dump his body deep in the ocean?

With the kind of blatant lies and shameless propaganda they're capable of, can anyone possibly trust them? You trust them to promote freedom, human rights and democracy?

The United Nations should be ashamed of itself. The lame duck secretary general Ban Ki Moon must step down or at least commit harakiri as you have failed miserably to stop innocent human beings from being slaughtered with impunity, just as all your predecessors did.

3 monkeys

... and you expect others to abide by the rules and regulations of Human Rights/Democracy prescribed by the likes of the United States of America?

p/s I really hope both the Chinese and Russian leaders lose their head and place their fingers on the NUKE button.


Yang said...

Fethullah Gulen's Alternative to the Dialectic Humanity

Dr. Heon C. Kim completed his years of doctoral research on Gülen and the Gülen movement in 2008, and is currently teaching at Temple University, Philadelphia. One of the most pioneering and cutting-edge contributions of his dissertation is to make tangible the spiritual dimensions of Gülen's life and thought and the inner dynamic of the Gülen movement.
His research shows in detail that the Islamic spirituality of love, tolerance and dialogue, which was once exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad and subsequently followed by great Sufi saints, is at the core of Gülen's thought and the activities of the Gülen movement. Based upon this finding, Dr. Kim agrees with those Western scholars who identify Gülen as "a contemporary Rumi" (Jalal al-Din Rumi, a great Sufi saint in Islamic history and the best-known Muslim mystic in the West), and further considers Gülen's teaching of dialogue as an alternative to both the jihadist / fundamentalist movements and those in the West who adhere to the "clash of civilizations" paradigm.

mar said...

AS cracked their head so much when they faced with double trouble in ukraine to the extend that no more intact heads left for troubleshooting another problem and that explain the deaf and dumb in the WH at this moment.