Tuesday 15 July 2014

The power of stupidity

Never ever under estimate the power of stupidity. Don't ever think that an ultimate idiot won't be your leader. George W Bush Jr is a living testimony that even the most powerful nation in the world is not safe from idiots.

Idiots occupying top positions are more dangerous than mullahs with nuclear warheads.

You can't knock em' down (those idiots) with drones, missiles or weapons of mass destruction.

Don't tell me later, that I didn't warn you earlier.

The best we could do now is pray and hope for near miracles.

Some might want to employ the German national football coach as the next consultant/image-builder or even strategic advisor. Actually its not a bad idea. I'm sure many fans of George Bush would agree that governing a nation and training/managing a football team is very much the same, except maybe the headcount and ...

Who said it was an ANALogy?



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