Thursday 24 July 2014

If truth had a tongue...

This young voice from Palestine not only sums up the situation in Gaza/Palestine but also points to the scary silence of humanity in the face of the barbaric Israel Government  which continues to slaughter human being with total impunity.

Leave aside the 'saviour' President Obama of the US who is doing nothing but prostituting himself and his nation to the Zionist regime in Israel.

What happened to the Arab nations in the middle east? If you can't bomb the shit out of Israel, the least you could do is to stop the massacre of the innocent in Palestine. Is that too much to ask?

p/s Fear the enemy within than those on the outside.

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Pwincess said...

It's simple. Arabs are useless. OIC is practically useless because the members of the Arab League are also the majority within OIC. If you have a group of people well-known for their assabiyyah nature to drive forward and take care of the Ummah, then dream-on. Turkey is seen as more committed in the Palestinian issue and even has the guts to declare three-days of mourning during the current israeli assaults. Malaysia too and especially during Tun Dr. M's time, is very vocal. The Arabs are more concerned about filling their trolleys when shopping at Marks & Spencer. The best they could do is cheque-book diplomacy.