Wednesday 30 July 2014

Singapore threatens Malaysia... again?


Singapore says will hike Causeway toll rate if Malaysia does
JULY 29, 2014

KUALA LUMPUR, July 29 — Acrimony between Malaysia and Singapore over road charges for the Causeway linking the two is set to worsen, with the republic saying it will match any increase in tolls collected on the Johor side of the bridge.

Ties between the two countries over commuters plying the link are already strained following Singapore’s move to raise vehicle entry fees, which prompted Putrajaya to introduce a similar tax for foreign vehicles entering via the country’s southern border.

And following the report that Malaysia may increase toll charges for the Causeway by as much as threefold for inbound vehicles, Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA) said it will follow suit with an equivalent amount if the rumours prove true, according to The Straits Times today. - MalayMail

Singapore Straits Times matching it -  Singapore will match Malaysia's new Causeway tolls   

... and then we have a bunch of politicians, a majority from the Oppostion's herd of anti-everything school of thought led by a BN member of parliament who is either confused or is    captivated by the popularity of those anti-everything students, graduates and grand sifu who also happens to be a fellow MP of a neighbouring constituency in Johor.

I don't think Nur Jazlan would continue to lobby for the interest of others when the  Government/country he represents is being openly threatened. Balik ke pangkal jalan YB. You have strayed far enough to be a stray.

Nur Jazlan and his kind aside, I just pray the Government and the authorities concerned won't chicken out AGAIN when Singapore stomps it's foot.

p/s Remember the Scenic Bridge?



anakketam said...

Very interesting about Singapore, threaten Malaysia ? I don't care what they want to do , believe it , all Singaporean will still coming to our country to spend their money , our government must say 'No" to Singapore to their demand , why worry , Malaysia is our land and country , just do as what we want , don't' bother what is Singaporean feeling because so far in history yet Singapore Government care what Malaysia feeling. Just tell them to go somewhere else or other country to spend their money , at least we give more benefit to our citizen. PM , please just go ahead what and how you plan to the best of Johorian and Malaysian

PSTan said...

It is not right to interprete the statement from singapore's LTA as a threatening Malaysia. It is just stating a fact. Historically, Singapore had always match the rate that Malaysia collected.

Anonymous said...

Agree 100% with pwincess .We have put up with Spore bullshit for far too long.

Pwince said...

Of course, the Pwincess would say this.

Does it affect Singapore? Not a chance!

I guess these feelings of powerlessness must rankle with the likes of Pwincess, Helen Ang etc....that no matter how much they emote about Singapore, the rest of the world is perfectly happy to do business with the city-state or "little red dot"

So, all the righteous indignation that spews over in Malaysia doesn't mean squat, because Malaysian leaders and VVIPs have no problems (or qualms) doing business with Singapore.

And that must rankle and p**s off all right-thinking Malaysians!

YNWA said...

Pwincess & Anonymous .... either you two are not from Johor Bahru or has no idea about the overall socio-economy in Johor-Singapore. If you have worked in either Johor or Singapore, you would perhaps understand better the livelihood between the two states. Judging from your comments, I think you are really inept in this issue. And like all half can filled bottles, you could only make lots of comments from your very own narrow minded perception and know nothing about the day-to-day survival of people in Johor.

You are right that no one force those m'sian to work in S'pore. But have you ever asked why would these one thrild of the Johor Bahru population people willing to sacrifice 4 hours of their time travelling in and out of Spore? One third of the population is huge! This same one third contributes a high amount of money flow in JB. If this was halved, there will be more socio-economic problem arise.

When Tun M decided to build that CIQ without proper planning, he literally killed the livelihood of the heart of JB. People have to pay more for the toll (M'sian and Sporean both alike), businesses around JB suffered with revenue dropping by half.

There were many children studying in Spore travelling daily in & out. You may say "we didn't force them to study there". But have you ever asked why they want to do so? Who wouldn't want to study in a nearby school and comfortably travel to their schools? The problem is poor education and facilities. So much of the federal funds gone into unnecessary projects, with so much corruption inflating the prices, where will there be enough money spent on education and building schools. Johor population has grown tremendously for the last 10 years - but where are the funds for education? Ask the Sabahan & Sarawakians - they share the same predicament. Some of the people in Sarawak works in Brunei to meet ends need. Same goes to JB.

Without first understanding Spore's reasoning why they increase their toll is as good as acting like any DUMNO politicians. Spore's COE prices has tripled over last 6 years from k to now k and at times hit 0k for cars >1,600cc. Their population has grown from 4mil to 5mil over the last decade. With limited land and roads, and their growing tourism economy, their politicians are wise enough and far-visioned to start putting some measures in control. Msian MPs only know how to react and "kiasu". We don't normally associate "Kiasu" with Msian - but as a Msian myself who has worked in KL & S'pore, stayed in JB and Spore before, this reaction from Msian MP is simply "Kiasu" and try use this as an excuse to raise toll. - Dumb move. Spore will not hurt their economy if they raise their toll but Msia has all to lose if they do that in such aggressive manner.

Imagine this - only 10%-20% of S'porean would come into Msia, of which more than half normally taking their vacation/business trips to KL, Malacca and Penang by flights. In other words, barely 5% of their population would come to JB for holidays occasionally and most of them are repeat clients. To singapore, Msian toll rise is no problem at all. Not a pinch of pain. On the other hand, a third of JB people travels into singapore. With CIQ prices going up, and more so by 570%, all hell break loose. The JB economy will be hit real hard. The Johor rakyat will be the victim.

So tell me, who is smarter? Or was it because the government trying to stir up the emotion of the people against S'pore and hide away their intention of trying to collect more $$ for themselves and burdening the rakyat? You judge for yourself.

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bookmarked!! I love your website! A. Terry

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Pwincess said...

First of all, Helen Ang is my kakak, don't say anything bad about my kakak. We pwitty ladies don't like to abuse our handbags as weapons, thank you very much.

"Powerlessness"? Hahahah, kept telling that to yourself. My kakak is smart pwitty lady, she knows what's going on. If both of us are rankled with the feelings of powerlessness, you must have been burdened with VICTIMITIS disease. Just like DAP, always provoke others and then when people responded to such provocations, they start rolling on the ground crying foul-play as if the entire universe is conspiring against them. And singapore is no different anyway, CAT, professionalism, meritocracy etc. is a well-crafted veil, atas meja senyum-senyum, bawah meja kaki berkait. Always bermuka-muka. Who has problem with the rest of world doing business with singapore? I certainly don't. In fact, I particularly admire the way how singaporean government deals with trouble-makers. I bet singapore would have dealt swiftly with illegal demonstrators including those two bus drivers who blocked the CIQ recently. So, I have no issues with singapore getting richer or even trading the Pluto or Mars. However, I certainly have big issues with hypocrites, especially if they're malaysians and most particularly if they are undermining the interest of this country. So, please, don't get to be so perasan with that sense of "power".

Pwincess said...

Singapore made more money out of our water supply and has been dragging its feet on revised water prices. So, if they felt that raising toll, prices etc. is necessary for them, especially to reflect current economic terms, why are they having problems with renewing our water prices?