Thursday 14 April 2016

1MDB - The dysfunctional Malaysian Cabinet

Head of government[edit]

The Prime Minister of Malaysia (MalayPerdana Menteri Malaysia) is the indirectly elected head of government (executive) of Malaysia. He is officially appointed by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, the head of state, who in HM's judgment is likely to command the confidence of the majority of the members of that House of Representatives (Dewan Rakyat), the elected lower house of Parliament. He heads the Cabinet, whose members are appointed by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong advice of the prime minister. The Prime Minister and his Cabinet shall be collectively responsible to Parliament. The Prime Minister's Department (sometimes referred to as the Prime Minister's Office) is the body and ministry in which the Prime Minister exercises its functions and powers.

Do the Prime Minister and the other members of Cabinet have to take an Oath?

Yes, the Prime Minister and other members of the Cabinet must swear an oath that they will faithfully discharge their duties to the best of their ability and bear true faith and allegiance to Malaysia and will preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.

Something is very wrong with the Malaysian Cabinet. There must be a serious rot in there because despite being the highest authority they have failed to protect the interests of the nation, over and above the interests of a certain politician and his bootlickers. 

The 1MDB scheme to scam Malaysia is an international scandal that has exposed many things to many people but the crux of it all is that members of the cabinet have collectively betrayed the people.

We are in a situation where instead of identifying who the rotten ones are, we are putting in gargantuan efforts to identify who is not rotten. Such is the state of affairs in our nation now.  

Finding a people's representative with his/her integrity intact now is like looking for needles in a haystack. Don't you think so? 

A big majority of those we trusted, elected and elevated to positions of power to serve Malaysia and Malaysians have proven to be nothing but self serving pretenders. A big majority have sold their soul to the devil.  

Who among members of the current cabinet are protecting the rights, interests and well being of the country and her people, without fear or favour, as enshrined in the Malaysian constitution?

How many are living up to their oath of office? 

The level of trust of the Government and its ministers is so low that more jokes than debates shoot off official announcements, loud thinking ministers and big mouthed politicians. 

We can't blame critics because we have become just that, a big joke. We are a bigger joke in the international arena for the only country in the world that has a sovereign debt fund. 

Our standard of governance and public administration used to be the envy of many developing nations in the past. Now we are known the world over for all the wrong reasons. 

Malaysia is now on the front lines of international news on a daily basis for massive Government-linked financial scandal, corruption, money laundering and abuse of power, compliments from Najib Razak and his 1MDB. 

What is happening to us? 

The latest poll among university students clearly outlines the picture. Varsity students' trust level in the Government is hovering around the 10% mark. Such polls speak volumes but it won't mean a thing on deaf ears.  

The sorry state of affairs in the country in the last 18 months or so, and our inability to address the rot reflects our predicament. We, as a nation, are in the doldrums. 

Quite a number of BN Members of Parliament, Ministers included, often bounce back with 'What can I do?' as their line of defence when queried of the systemic paralysis caused mainly by cash the King. 

"Even the Deputy PM is sacked. What do you expect us to so," an elderly MP from Perak questioned expressing fears he would be 'stripped naked' and humiliated with past misdeeds if he spoke out against Najib Razak's 1MDB. Such is the fear, either real or perceived. 

Human beings who don't consume dedak must be made to understand that choices are always there if your heart and mind is clear of the purpose and objective. Some were sheepish while discussing their rights and role as people's representatives. Many just laughed it off with the 'I have to cari makan too' look blinking across their face. 

Members of the cabinet with even an ounce of integrity in them should quit the cabinet and strive to put Malaysia back on the right track.

We cannot afford to ignore the elephant in the room just because a big majority of our elected representatives who run the Government are cowards whose integrity has been compromised. 

Their hands could be tied or it could also be that they are pretending to be tied up due to the overwhelming influence of 'Cash the King?    

Why are the members of the Malaysian Cabinet quiet like a church mouse when foreign investigators and authorities have confirmed that the Government owned 1MDB has been used to rob us of billions of ringgit. 

When well concealed crimes and misdeeds are exposed suddenly 1MDB says they may be a victim of fraud. At the rate this scandal unfolds the bunch of liars who have been taking us for a ride may soon require psychiatric help.  

Authorities half a world away are busy tracking our lost, of money and reputation. What are our authorities doing to redeem our lost pride and dignity? 

The Swiss attorney general is working vigorously with Singapore, Luxembourg, US, Hong Kong and a few other nations including the Arabs from the Middle East. 

Don't ask me about the Malaysian Attorney General and our level of cooperation in uncovering the 1MDB scandal and recovering the billions lost. 'I don't know' is now a famous excuse for all and sundry. Even Najib Razak doesn't know the papers he signed, says his learned lawyer. Is Najib Razak such an idiot? 

Hope Apandi Ali the Attorney General is keeping well and good. He may have his hands full in the not so distant future. 

I strongly urge that the entire Malaysian Cabinet is made to face a Royal Commission of Inquiry once the culprits behind the 1MDB scam and those involved in the cover up are identified and brought to book. 

Most if not the entire Malaysian cabinet members are complicit. Remaining silent and allowing the hoodwinking to continue is a crime. If it is not it must be classified as a serious crime. A crime as grave as treason. 

1MDB is wholly owned by the Government of Malaysia and billions of ringgit is reported missing from the company. The Prime Minister has personally signed dubious deals and agreements concerning 1MDB.  

The facts are crystal clear. Members of Cabinet are still standing (and sitting) together with a suspected criminal who also happens to be the Prime Minister.  

The facts have been laid bare. The choice is yours.  
Even the cat is leaving the cabinet.
You can't walk in later and say I don't know. There won't be any second chance as this is not partisan politics and/or a intra-party power struggle. 

This is about a crime against this nation. 

If you are not with the people, you must be against us. There is no grey area in this matter.

Malaysia doesn't deserve a bunch of dysfunctional leaders and a morally bankrupt leadership. 

This is the last train, the choice remains yours.


There may be no permanent friends or enemies in politics but remember that treachery is no politics. 


Anonymous said...

I have never seen a lame and idiotic soulless cabinet since independence. Leaders who should be able to think and patriotic are reduced to shameless puppets on a string. Are these the kind of leaders that deserved respect from the populace, no, I don't think so, no matter what excuses they will bring out later.

Geng Mamak said...

I wonder who's side Arul is now ? Maybe he is talking since he is getting off the ship and does not need it any longer ?

By alleging a fraud, he has inadvertently blamed Shahrol and Najib. Why ? Read the PAC report.

Geng Mamak said...

Equally shocking is Najib's lawyer who implies that Najib does not need to know every aspect in detail when he signs. Does that also imply to National documents and matters concerning National Security, Finance and Administration ?

If this is true, then we have am incompetent PM ! Is that how you treat, protect and defend your client Hafarizam ? Or since this is the case, there are more grounds now to demand Najib resigns as the PM !

Anonymous said...

Dear Admin,

Thanks for the very interesting write-up.

To be precise, a very compelling piece of writing indeed.

This is what we Malaysians have come to be.

From being a proud nation of multi-cultural, multi-racial and multi-religious people, standing tall in the eyes of the world, under a far-sighted and wise leadership who is the envy and fascination of many a country, we are now down in the dumps due to the misdeeds of one man and his band of henchmen and sycophants.

And the sad thing is that the majority of us are just gritting our teeth and bearing it all.

We just tolerate whatever is thrown at us.

Maybe it is due to the way we were brought up by our parents and elders where any outburst of emotions and feelings is frowned upon.

And to go against the elders and leaders is taboo and not tolerated with whatsoever.

Maybe, this could be a good thing too, if you look at it another way.

If this were to happen in the neighbouring countries like Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, with the exception of Singapore of course, there would be bloodshed in the streets.

It looks like many people have resigned to the fact, or myth rather, that their thoughts and opinions are insignificant and won't make much of a difference to the powers-that-be, so just let's wait for the general elections.

That is how pessimistic and fatalistic we have become.

That is the situation we are in now.

But on the brighter side of things - the truth, and justice, will prevail in the end.

The corrupted and the evil ones will be exposed.

There will soon be no more places for them to run and to hide.

Things will change for the better, sooner if not later.

Another Waghih

Anonymous said...

RE: "Even Najib Razak doesn't know the papers he signed, says his learned lawyer. Is Najib Razak such an idiot?"

We've just gotten the idea what a "I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone" may turn out to be after all the bangsawan bullshit.

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely correct,Tuan Firdaus..the entire Malaysian cabinet must not be excused. They could at speak up but they did nothing. What kind of cabinet is this ? Executive assembly my d..k

Anonymous said...

Saith Abraham Lincoln:

"The people - the people - are the rightful masters of both congresses, and courts - not to overthrow the constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert it."
- 1859, Notes for Speeches at Columbus and Cincinnati

"At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide."
- 1838, Lyceum Address

Anonymous said...

Last week when my son asked me to top up his lunch account at the school cafeteria because it was empty, I obliged. Instead of waiting for my wife to do it as is normal, I did it immediately myself because it was empty. On Monday, he told me he couldn’t buy anything because it was still empty. How can that be? I was sure that I had made the deposit at the cafeteria machine.

Upon checking, I found out that I had made the deposit into the wrong account. I had punched in a wrong digit. It was an honest mistake by an old man with unsteady hands. I am sure that the unintended recipient will return it or even if he doesn’t know that someone had made a deposit into his account (as is common apparently since it even happened to our PM), what the heck! RM100 is not much in these hard times, only a week’s lunch money.

I hope that that it is a similar case with 1MDB paying 13,000 million ringgit to the wrong company. 1MDB CEO Arul Kanda has finally admitted IMDB could be a victim of a fraud. An honest mistake! A negligent act by people entrusted to safeguard our billions of ringgits and not worth 5 sen of the huge salaries they were paid.

That the two top executives of Aabar had facilitated for 1MDB to pay 13,000 million ringgit into the bogus company Aabar Investments PJS Limited account instead of the correct company, Aabar Investments PJS is now obvious. In their position they could also slow down the fraud’s discovery by the public.
All it takes now is find out who controlled the bogus company, its shareholders and the signatories to its bank account which has now been emptied and the company wound up. Then follow the money trails to see how the money was spent or given to whom. It’s not rocket science and soon enough it will be public knowledge.

If some of that money went for the use of anybody who has anything to do with 1MDB, then collusion is likely. Not an honest mistake. If that is true, they deserve to face a firing squad. 13,000 million ringgit would pay for so much that the country needs. Heck, it will pay for the whole Pan Borneo Highway plus some!

Like I wrote before, the buck has to stop somewhere. My son’s lunch money for the week is coming from my cigarette money or I will never hear the last of it from my wife. But 13,000 million ringgit is a bit over anybody’s budget, even the PM.

But for the PM’s personal lawyer to feel compelled, as was reported, to defend the PM by saying that the PM’s signature doesn’t mean he’s liable because the PM doesn’t know what he is signing, sent chills down my spine. If the PM’s signature is not worth the paper it is signed on, I dread the numerous times I had advised my clients to the contrary. It is worth a lot! The idiot lawyer was just not articulate enough to explain stuff he may not understand,

With a lawyer like that, the PM’s fate is sealed. What the lawyer meant was the representations made to the adviser by the Board of Directors count. If the representations were wrong, the PM is not liable for the mistake but the liability is on the Board. The lawyer couldn’t even explain that coherently when he wasn’t even asked about the PM’s liability. That’s what you get for hiring a wet-behind-the-ears lawyer who is easily overcome by an occasion whose challenges exceed what he usually merits.

Half of the PM’s problems could be solved if his cheerleaders would just shut up or think first before opening their mouths. We don’t even know who the chief cheerleader is. But you can bet it is not this punk.

chong y l said...

Apanama, thanks for a good write-up. I'm borrowing this post to C&Pastry at my blog, terinma kasih...I think the Perfect Storm is going to break soon over Putrajaya! YL, Desi

Waghih said...

Nice write up bro ... was twisted a bit too far.

You have purposely ignore the finding by PAC team which is the sole authority in setting conclusion to this 1MDB issue .

You choosed your reference from SR , WSJ , the edge and from Tun M himself which the whole world knows as doctored document . As admitted by the writer Justo .

So , which one are we to follow ?

Obviously...the proven correct and substantiated version .. which is the PAC report .
This PAC finding was further supported by Saudi FM announcement at OIC the the donation to DSN are genuine with no string attached .

The so called Swiss AG investigation seems to be getting no where ... 1 year already .

What else now ..?
Tun M allegation have been proven wrong many many times ...


Anonymous said...

Waghih, for the sake of our sanity we implore you not to torture us with your superfluous ramblings on what is by now a criminal case of governmental fraudulence on a global scale.

Anonymous said...

Is it really so, Waghih?

Let's cut the crap and go straight to the point.

What is so miserably lacking with the PAC, AG, IGP and the whole lot is credibility.


It is only bumpkins and buffoons (like you?) who believe them.

And how long has the local authorities taken to investigate?

Chew on that.

Another Waghih.

Anak Bukit Jelutung said...

Betul, "This is about a crime against this nation."

Bukan "perebutan kuasa" parti politik.

Itu yang rakyat faham.

Anonymous said...

IPIC has refused to pick up the tab for 1MDB.

The WSJ reports today:

"The negotiations have high stakes: Under IPIC’s interpretation of their deal, 1MDB and Malaysia’s Ministry of Finance owe about $6.5 billion to lenders, which includes the $3.5 billion principal of the bonds, interest and other payments, said the memo.

Officials at 1MDB told the Ministry of Finance that if a default comes to pass it could cause investors to sell Malaysia’s currency and bonds and damage the country’s reputation in global financial markets. Malaysia is currently marketing a government bond to be denominated in U.S. dollars, the memo said.

Cross-default clauses in other 1MDB agreements would also likely be triggered, putting the fund in default on several billion dollars more of debt."


But here is the really ‘kelakar’ part:

"The memo said that IPIC also believes the Malaysian fund still hasn't given it the assets it promised in exchange for IPIC to make the bond payments. The Malaysian fund did try to transfer the assets in the form of fund units in an offshore company it controlled, said the memo. IPIC has refused to accept anything but cash, added the memo."

Ha ha ha - it seems the UAE are quite familiar with the whole story of how the "cash" in BSI Singapore suddenly changed to "units", and how the money "redeemed" from the Caymans never arrived back in Malaysia. The UAE know all the 1MDB tricks - "IPIC has refused to accept anything but cash" - very wise indeed!

The report also states:

"A report released last week by a Malaysian parliamentary committee inquiry into 1MDB put the amount transferred to the imitation Aabar at $3.5 billion. About $681 million of this money later flowed via a circuitous route into the private account of Najib Razak, the Malaysian prime minister, the Journal has also reported, citing people familiar with the investigations."

So, the WSJ are not buying Adel Al-Jubeir's story.

Not many people have.

It also means the UAE are not the crooks, but rather the victims of what seems to be a Bugis-Arab-Cina “get rich quick” scheme.

This is no way to treat a fellow Muslim nation.