Wednesday 13 April 2016

1MDB - Where is the money ?

A scam by any other name is still a scam. A scum by any other name is still a scum, even if he happens to be the son of an illustrious former Prime Minister. 

Billions of ringgit in taxpayers money is certainly missing due to the scam of a scum and this has now been confirmed. 

Where is the money ? 
Who among the members of the current Malaysian Cabinet, do you believe, would pursue this matter of missing billions of ringgit? 

Not even one among the many Cabinet members dare speak out in the best interest of our nation and her people. Don't you wonder why the entire Cabinet appears to be deaf, dumb and blind? 

Would you vote for any of the current members of the Malaysian cabinet in the next elections? 

A coward by any other name is still a coward, even if you are a member of the Cabinet. 


If something can corrupt you, you're corrupted already - Bob Marley


Anonymous said...

Mr. Firdaus, you said it all . . . now he and they must choose between repentance and Hellfire.

Waghih said...

Nice one bro ...

Can't get it from inside .. do it from outside .
Tun M have raise a white flag on the deklarasi . Now he is trumpeting for support cavalry from outside . All his tonto is trying to gather a band of marauders for another raid .

A nice one for another tomorrow .
A next episode ... jeng jeng jeng .


Cf said...

Led them to the gallows,..thw whole lot of em,....pengkhianat negara,....sold their soul to the 'Cash is King' idiot

Anonymous said...

Who cares? We don't to lose our job as a minister in Najib's cabinet

Anonymous said...


You UMNO supporters or rather Najib Razak supporters are lucky Tun M is championing UMNO all the way despite not toeing the line to what your President wants.

Just a gentle reminder, sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya akan jatuh ke tanah.

Tun M is trying to make UMNO relevant with the rakyat.

Because when the music stops...

UMNO is the habitat of stupid Malays who has no fear for Allah.

Anonymous said...

Modus Operandi najib untuk mencuri wang 1MDB amat mudah. Hanya pemakan dedak yang buat tak faham dan ahli UMNO yang tolol memang tak faham.

1. Tubuh syarikat pelaburan dengan modal berbayar RM1 juta

2. Buat hutang RM42 bilion melalui jualan bon dengan jaminan kerajaan

3. Hasil jualan bon RM42 bilion dihantar kepada syarikat-syarikat yang dikawal oleh jho low

4. Kutip hasil curi, kongsi dengan jho low, pergi shopping beli berlian, Birkin, hartanah,buat filem Hollywood, etc.

5. Beli dedak suap kepada Tan Sri AG, Tan Sri IGP, Tan Sri MACC, Tan Sri BNM, Tan Sri KSN untuk tutup mulut dan baki bagi Ketua2 Bahagian UMNO untuk dapat sokongan

6. Happy ending

Anonymous said...

Yo Waghih den.

The net is closing in fast on your beloved Bugis warrior and panglima perang Islam.

He might be able to cover up one or two holes in this country but the floodgates are opening up fast and wide abroad.

Pretty soon he will have nowhere safe to hide.

He is a dead man walking, Waghih.

I am sure he is having sleepless nights.

Enough for today Waghih.

By the Waghih, please brush up on your English.

Malu la eden oghang kampung tak boto baso omputih eh.

Another Waghih.

Anonymous said...

A bastard by any other name is still a bastard no matter what position he holds.

chong y l said...

Yes, sdr Firdaus, I COMPLEATLY Agree with you. SO when the CEO Umero Uno (I call him the CLUELESS WAN)i reproducing your post for My cyber-home, in retrun I offer thee endless rounds of cyber tehtarik, for the real ones, come to De MIang Corner in FuRong!s toppled, it's just a matter of time, the ENTIRE CABINET MUST GO! YL, DESi PS I Am reproducing your post at My cyber home, cun!

Anonymous said...

they can repent or go to hellfire but that is between them and Allah, it is not between the rakyat and them. I will not forgive them for doing such an act of cheating the rakyat , when the whole country trusted them to manage the wealth of the country.

rpremkumar2u said...

Corruption is not merely an act; it's a state of mind.

rpremkumar2u said...

As far as the cabinet is concerned, it is now reduced to a closet of skeletons.