Friday 22 July 2011

The Bersih LIES... BUSTED!

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Anonymous said...

You can froth in the mouth but no matter what, the lame brained PR folks will not believe the truth. How could they? They invented the lies, played up the lies and live a lie.

Betcha Lim Kit Siang and Nik Aziz will believe in the resurrection of the dead.


Anonymous said...

Wait for SUHAKAM report instead of basing your judgement on Police investigations.

Don't jump la so fast!

Anonymous said...

Non jumping anonymous,

The international media have had a field day covering the illegal rally, saying we're in a state of emergency and people are dying. The way I see it, we're a bit late in jumping. Waiting is not an option when perception is at stake; investors perception, tourists perception,...


Anonymous said...

Could you imagine what would have happened if the crowd had bought into these 'staged deaths' and turned hysterical ?
Similar tactics have been used successfully in other countries with a higher political temperature. Are we heading there, where a minor accident could spark street riots and burning buses?
fuck such bastards. fuck them real hard that they wont try such lowly tricks again. we love malaysia, dont destroy her.


Anonymous said...

Anon kat atas tu nak spin kot mana lagi? Evidence dah terang-terang depan mata wey. Gelak sial tengok mamat tu berlakon konon kejang dah mati. Kahkahkah. I bet even he would cringe after reviewing such bad performance. Somebody give the bugger a raspberry award!

Hahaha. Nasiblah SUHARDI MOHD. Nama lu akan dikenang sebagai badut sarkas selamanya.

Anonymous said...


the sponsors pay peanuts, so you get third rate actors lah

tell the financial supporters, increase pay then can get award winning celebrities

Anonymous said...

Chronology of the u-tubes

Real time, instant downloads of 709videos in u-tube for the whole world to view - real time, non-censored. Tear gas, water cannon spewing bluish liquid at the crowd, hospital,smoke everywhere (assumed from tear gas for there cwere no fires/burning in the vicinity, PDRM screaming and using strong arm tactics on a innocent by-stander who booed at the unacceptable way the men in blues were treating/arresting MaLAYSIAN CITIZENS.....and many many more video footage of arm-twisting, sleeper-hold lock, 5 blue shirts jumping on one helpless Malaysian.

Response by authorithy,different version of what actually happened on 709, nearly 2 weeks later....2 weeks later, showing how loving the boys in blues were vand how violent the citizens were. Insinuatiing PDRM were angels and the protestors were devil.

Ask yourself, why PDRM did not respond immediately, if they have the video to counter?
Why the PDRM (2 weeks late) video does not seems right?the lighting and color not consistent.
What were PDRM doing for two weeks before they release their version?

Once you done that, comparing live video feed fron u-tube compare to two weeks old edited videos, decide which video depict the true picture of what transpire on that faithful day, 709.

You decide.