Monday 18 July 2011

Che Gubard - another compulsive LIAR?

Questions are abound over a Jacob & Co's RM24 million diamond ring's ENTRY and QUICK EXIT from our country between the 16th and 20th of April 2011.

Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor's name appears on Jacob & Co's regional agent's Royal Malaysian Customs declaration form. 

Rosmah's name is not stated as the owner or purchaser of the RM24 million diamond ring in the customs declaration form.

The importer of the RM24 million diamond ring is clearly stated as Jacob & Co - c/o Malca Amit (Jeremy Beh Sin Tee). 

After those pertinent details of the actual importer a special print says : "INSPECTION BY : H.E.Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor. Check out the details in my previous posting.

The ring was imported, as I said earlier for a private exhibition (I don't expect the critics to appreciate what this means) and later returned to New York (where it originated from the principal Jacob & Co). The export was via Singapore. Also check out these details in my previous posting.

So, it was in ( from what I gather for a private exhibition attended by foreign interested parties) and then the ring was sent back to New York. 

As much papers as we have now shows clearly that Jacob & Co did not sell the ring at the private exhibition in Kuala Lumpur on those dates in April. 

This entry-exit or import-export of the diamond ring was in April, a good THREE MONTHS before some PKR canary started singing or basically spinning half-truths.

The point here, there was no transaction and nothing changed hands. NOBODY BOUGHT the RM24 million diamond ring. 

You ask me - if Rosmah, Siti Norhaliza, Jimmy Choo, Anita Sarawak or any Malaysian for the matter had the freedom to organise or take part in 'private exhibitions of fine jewellery'? - I would say yes. 

Guess this is also part of the basic Human Rights as long as you don't breach any law.

Now, shouldn't those who made all those wild allegations and MACC report gimmick (without actually lodging an official signed report based on reasonable or questionable facts) at least apologize? 

Dumping a pile of photocopies on MACC's lap and walking away without explaining or assisting in the investigations is rather irresponsible I would say.

The "A.Krishnan" may not be a Royal Malaysian Customs officer in the first place. 

As alleged by some LIARS, the Prime Minister doesn't have to bend any national taxation law or "abuse his position as Finance Minister (quoting Che Gubard's statement) to enable the ring to be imported ... because the diamond ring is a Non-Taxable or Tax-Free item. (do some reading of our laws governing Customs & Excise Duty or do a quick check with Habib Jewels.) 

Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor DID NOT buy the RM24million diamond ring owned by Jacob & Co.

Che Gubard has made some preposterous statements and wild allegations against Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor and subsequently dragged the Prime Minister onto his political charade.

Further spinning the initial lies is not only childish but seems to further strengthen the notion that Pakatan Rakyat cannot survive a day without telling lies and spinning conspiracies. 

Everything out there is a ghost except Pakatan Rakyat's raw propaganda ... and did I forget the grand lie of SEPT 16?

Che Gubard appears to be spinning at full speed (judging by latest reactions). 

He's funny at times but I hope he is man enough to apologize when its necessary...when you are proven to have been selling half-truths as copies of the Gospel. 

I've a message for Che Gubard - "If you indeed consider yourself ass an up and coming politician whom the younger generation should consider electing as their leader, stop your charade for a moment and THINK. 

You too want to be rooted in politics that survives on hatred, lies, deceit, instigation and outright manipulation?  

PKR insiders say you're now more desperate to remain relevant after losing out to lawyer Shamsul Iskandar Akin for the AMK chief position.  Is this true? 

Before you, Badrul Hisham Shahrin,  attempt to jump out of this RING (into diamond bangles I was told) I'd expect you back your preposterous claims.

Be man enough to tell the truth!

p/s BTW what do you think of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's missing OMEGA watch and the SEX DVD which American experts have certified as genuine and showing images of your BOSS in action? Your take on those two issues should be interesting ...

p/s2 I have a long list of this Badrul Hisham Shahrin aka Che Gubard's previous lies lined up. Take this  ONE first....

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Anonymous said...

Dah ada buat police report?

Biar siapa yang fitnah di hukum dengan wajarnya..

Anonymous said...


there are many things that are within the law a person is entitled to but there are also things those in public office is well advised to steer away from.

It appears inappropriate for our PM's wife, to be lending support (inspection or otherwise) to such opulence, especially in private capacity.

It projects an image of extravaganza. To simple minded folks struggling for daily life to make ends meet, it seems believable if the thing was associated with purchase. So why in the first place land oneself in that position?

Anonymous said...

Why don't DS Posmah just come public on TV and say "I did not buy that ring! And I only let people use my name to help bring in the Ring from Jacob & Co for an exhibition."

Like that when everyone sees her talking baru boleh percaya.

I don't think she needs people like you to help in convincing others by saying some others are liars.

Tak sampai pun 2 minit kat TV, everything clear. Ada problem ke?

Ayah Man said...

Leave the teaching profession. You may want to join the Scotland Yard so that your investigative prowess can be of benefit to the world.
Kalau di Malaysia ini mengorek2 hal perbadi orang. Kalau tak dapat bahan yang panas; diada2kan dan direka2 saja.
Nak jadi pemimpin tu ok tapi janganlah buat kerja2 tak berasas dan kotor.

Anonymous said...

but i am still puzzled why rosmah or the customs or the exhibition organisers or jacobs are SO SILENT ABOUT THE WHOLE ISSUE!

why must you be the ONE that is clarifying the issue?

a report have been made and the police is not making any comments either?

puzzling isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Is Rosmah a customer of Jacob & Co? Yes or No

Anonymous said...

Search on SPR web site did showed A. Krishnan using the NRIC given.

Look like the screen shot were genuine but the actual intent was not informed.

Not 100% lie but still a lie to connect DSRM to the ring.

Would DSRM take Chegu Bard to court ? Like the Minister Rais who won RM300K on raped posting by a blogger ?

Anonymous said...

in what expertise DSRM have that make her illegible to become an inspector? does Jacob & Co can't afford a real expert?