Friday 15 July 2011

Go Read This..its for Dummies!

If you sincerely don't know what Bersih is all about but are either for or against the outlawed movement because an acquitance, friend or politician had brainwashed you ... Just reformat your mental faculty, throw all the rubbish out and CLICK on the picture below. 

p/s You may want to save 'Bersih for Dummies' for future references since their rules/aims/motivation change like the tide ... and Dont be shy if you're actually blur about Bersih coz even Datuk Ambabiga is not sure. She's just bound by the USD and overwhelming love for Bodowi.

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Anonymous said...

No need to buy the book, la. Save your money. It's so easy to understand and only the Govt make it complicated with so many conspiracies. Already overkill by dummies in BN and their cronies.

Maybe the BN should buy all those books and read their own stuff as revision before the next BERSIH 3.

Anonymous said...

Baru 2009 AMBIGA telah diberi AWARD dari AMERICA-Clinton.

Is this a coincidence atau satu rancangan jahat mereka?

Apakah America sudah Berjaya memerangkap seorang pengkianat diantara Rakyat Malaysia agar nasib ini juga akan timpa keatas Bangsa Melayu Islam diNegara ini?

....................Iraqi deaths due to U S invasion is 1,455,590 million
...................January 2010 - 4.5 million dead in Afghan Holocaust/ Genocide

Saya sebagai Rakyat Bumiputra mohon agar satu Suruhanjaya ditubuh untuk merisik latar belakang AMBIGA, dari mana asal usul datang keturunan dia? BAPA? IBU? TOKNEK? SUAMI?

Perkara begini tidak boleh dibiar begitu sahaja..

Anonymous said...

anon @ Friday, July 15, 2011 1:09:00 PM

has just proven his low IQ that is perfect for ambiga's 5 year brainwashing programme

It is NOT a book lah dummy, it is an article to explain the lies, garbage and filth put out by the tainted duo, one a convict the other a pro-murtad

See YOU have proven that this tainted pair CAN cheat and fool dummies like yourself who can't even be bothered to find out what is the truth

So your whole life will be controlled by pathetic LIARS.