Monday 11 July 2011

Stripping the TRAITOR !

Najib Tun Razak says it is Anwar Ibrahim




RPK says it is Anwar Ibrahim

TWO American experts say it is Anwar Ibrahim

I say 1Malaysia is a better path man!!!

Anwar Ibrahim and his bunch of desperate politicians are promoting nothing else but hatred! Don't burn in your own feeling of hate...get out of it, Malaysia is one of the best nations in the world. One which others around the globe wish they belong to. 


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Anonymous said...

Malaysia got laws or not? Was he found guity yet or is it trial by public opinion?

Go sell your snake oil to someone dunggu, la.

Anonymous said...

THINK? Yes, I think usd72 million is too much for the 1 malaysia. you gimme 1 million and i outline it for you? i think if your BN rule another 50 years, i will vomit blood. PLEASE CAN YOU BLOG 10 REASON WHAT TO THINK AGAIN? Btw better tell your not to call for an election this year since the whole BERSIH thing is badly manage. AND pls ask your bosses to push the share market more maybe this is the one last time he can feed his cronies. OH yeah, if he call the election next year, maybe worst since my generation that is GENERATION Y are hardworking one by one registering themselves to vote and kick the uneducated/ PMR LEAVERS minister out of PUTRAJAYA.
Dare to post my comment? and YEAH FUCK YOU AND YOUR PATHETIC blog. PLEASE SHUT IT DOWN FOR THE ONE SIDED view like your buddy ROCKY DUDE

Anonymous said...

Public opinion is the politician's commodity. Anwar is also putting the gomen on trial of public opinion. All his rallies, the bersih fiasco and now his supposed injuries. How long does it take to get ct scan results anyway? I believe if there are real injuries he would've hastened it so that he can show the world how cruel the police can be.


Zhuge Liang said...

Anon 11:06,

We are not saying he is guilty or otherwise. We just want him to admit that he IS actually the man in the video. Other people also screw around but they don't lie to the people of Malaysia....only to their wives!!!

You go kiss his a**!