Thursday 28 July 2011

Ku Li - THE Replacement Leader ?

UMNO Division head to lead Pakatan Rakyat? 

Could Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah @ Ku Li be the REPLACEMENT leader of Pakatan Rakyat when Anwar Ibrahim becomes a liability (if he is not already one for PAS & DAP) and/or lands in jail for sodomising Saiful or for his part in the SEX Video scandal? 

Ku Li's Parliament colleague Datuk Seri Zahrain Hashim from Bayan Baru Pulau Pinang believes Ku Li is being roped-in to save Pakatan Rakyat ... or rather he is worried that his friends in PKR are waiting to be traded like feedlot cattles. 

In an explosive press conference this afternoon the former Penang PKR chief revealed an intriguing political power-play that sends one clear signal. 

A coup is brewing in Pakatan Rakyat and as Zahrain says, Anwar Ibrahim may not be in the picture. 

But why Ku Li? 

Zahrain says both DAP and PAS have no trust or confidence in any other PKR leader, AND both PAS & DAP don't trust each other. So they need... oooops a neutral leader.

Zahrain says, PKR is dying a faster death and this latest 'coup' was a clear indication of the state of affairs in PKR and by extension Pakatan Rakyat.

"It is funny that they are courting an Umno leader to lead Pakatan. I received this explosive info from my friends in PKR who are rattled by this backdoor moves. 

"This just goes on to prove my point that PKR has crumbled and is just waiting to be sold lock, stock n barrel. This proves that they don't have credible leaders in PKR now...they are so desperate that even an UMNO stalwart is being enticed" -  Zahrain 

p/s I hope this 'rumour' is not true and being a relatively respected leader, especially among the Malays, Tengku Razaleigh would come clean over this "out of the box" development.   

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usabukata said...

dia pun nak jadi PM bro.


Anonymous said...

Utter garbage spin from an utter garbage politician who still thinks he has a chance to stand for election again.

The actual scenario looks like UMNO BARU is breaking up and Ku Li wants to form another Semangat 46 and make another try to be PM.

PKR ada Azizah, Azmin, Nurul dll yang sunggoh berkaliber la.

Pasquale said...

I once had a glass of wine with Ku Li and he was yapping a lot, but have never been impressed with this man as a leader,very imperious and taking his royalty status so seriously. In the final analysis I simply could not bond with him as a rakyat with a "potential" leader, basically he has no potential!
Susoh ore kelate ni nak jadi pemimpe Melayu! BTW how are you JR!

Anonymous said...

org nogori bole ke memimpin melayu?

john white said...

i don't think ku li is that stupid to lead the pakatan. as a respected politician, i don't think he is willing to spoilt his 'name' by leaving umno. so many people didn't know that ku li has sacrificed a lot for umno. maybe u should ask pm and tpm to verify on this subject matter. the best person to confirm with is tun dr mahathir himself.

Old Fart said...

Your story sounds as fantasied as when I am alone and rely on a fantasy to get a hard on!!

Anonymous said...

Pasquale, go back to canada, JR balik kampung tanam jagung kat keru.
It is difficult to decide, between the two of you, who is the worst product from Negri Sembilan.
I'm also very surprised how a man aligned/loyal to Mamak-thir, even using his favourite phrase Apanama for a blog, was brainwashed to support Najib now.
Pasquale care to comment how you turned the turncoat JR into a bigger turncoat?

Singh Is Kinng said...

The game is politics and Ku Li is still considering himself as one of the major players ... so what's wrong with that ... even the homegrown Owen is now playing the devils!!!

In 2008 ... without many people realizing it Ku Li came out with two strategies to lift himself to the highest political order ... aligned with Anwar and materialized 16th September ... or toppled sleepy Samdol Badawi during UMNO election (there was article an about this by JMD) ... and Ku Li silently and cunningly left the two options open. Unfortunately both plans went wrong ... Anwar could not buy enough frogs and Badawi agreed to transition of power.

BTW ... Azmin, Azizah and Nurul can't even tie their shoes without Anwar ... and worst still ... Anwar's political career has naturally been spelling ... DISASTER ... HA HA HA

Apanama said...

OldFart - You still get a hard on,even with fantasies as such? Thats an achievement for and OLD fart, try to hold it up.

Anonymous said...

Salam Tuan,

It makes perfect sense in as far as the PR is concerned.

Ku Li was once outside UMNO and if not for the tengkolok kristian, who knows?

Best wishes in this fasting month of Ramadan.