Tuesday 26 July 2011

TERRORISTs - Don't Shoot Your Mouth

My condolences to the people of Norway, Oslo and the family of those young humans who were mercilessly gunned down or bombed to death.

This latest terrorist attack in Oslo just goes on to prove the fact that terrorists are actually lunatics. Lunatics who rightfully don't belong to any race or religion.

State terrorism practised by the Zionist Regime in the Middle East is the mother of all terrorism that is perpetuated by a bunch of lunatics who have hijacked Israel from the Jews. 

Over time those victims of state terrorism turn out to be terrorists themselves and we have the suicide bombers everywhere. 

The merciless killings in Oslo by a lone (non-Muslim) terrorist is yet another eye opener that terrorism is not the sole right or exclusive product of the Muslim fundamentalist. 

Terrorism has become the weapon for lunatics and these days there are more lunatics in developed countries than the third world. Yes, the massacre in Oslo is an example.

No race or religion promotes terrorism or terrorist. FULL STOP.

I twitted with a provocative question - "Is this Christian terrorism?", AFTER finding out the facts of the incident and details of the lone Christian terrorist. 

The intention was to create the awareness or rather educate our NON-MUSLIM brethren and some smart MUSLIMs that not all terrorist are Muslims, and that there are enough lunatics among Christians too.

Guess if you're a reporter/journalist or blogger with some pride in what you do and quality in your work then you'll hold your horses and check your facts before SHOOTING in the DARK. 

The Oslo terrorist is a Christian, and I believe he is a lunatic.

I was told that there are some lunatics here who are adamant about criticizing Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman for his presumably 'late delivery' of condolences to the people of Norway. 

Come'on guys, is there now a competition somewhere for 'Who says its FIRST"? 

Again, like good journalist/reporter and/or blogger, I think Ministers too should take the time to check the facts before blasting their horns. 

Had Anifah gone shooting his mouth off based on some half-truths, Malaysia would be in an embarrassing position now. We could have been forced to send an APOLOGY in pursuit of the 'early condolences'. (Remember our famous apology to the People's Republic of China?)

p/s If Ministers make it a habit to shoot their mouth off about something that they are not sure of, we may then need a special Consultative COUNCIL to evaluate their performance and help overcome the after effects.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy la your moment of triumph of trying to whitewash terrorism being the sole preorgative of Moslems and Christians and thus the deep guilt of whatever religion you profess which does not match the perpetrator is somehow lessened or villified.

I do agree one thing though. It's the indoctrination of religious or political extremism into dumb fools which makes them turn into terrorists and kill unwantonly for their own misguided fame or fortune awaiting them.

So, is racism also the same as terrorism when brought to the extreme?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the characteristics of the BC

Anonymous said...

List down the 10 most troublesome spots in the world and you will get your answer. Then you can spin that too for your bosses.