Wednesday 6 July 2011

ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL ... Thank You!

Bersih is still "illegal" as far as the law is concerned although the illegal movement's chairperson has had an audience with Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di-Pertuan Agong - says Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Hussien.

Listed below are the 70 'non-governmental organisations" said to have endorsed and/or are part of the the illegal movement called Bersih. Some of the NGOs do appear dubious though. I haven't heard of this department called "Jabatan Amal Johor"which is one of the NGO's listed as having endorsed the illegal movement.

Jemaah Islah Malaysia , which DAP Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi once labelled as an "extremist religious organisation" is also in the list (on two counts) plus a host of other totally insignificant talkshops like "Friends in Conversation" and "Sembang-sembang Forum".

 Certainly 'Anwar Ibrahim Club" is there too as an NGO, together with our Council of Churches. 

But guys, Bersih has been declared illegal by the Government and the Home Minister just reiterated that the declaration stays put. So, could the genuine NGOs stay out of this illegal movement and let the dubious NGOs like the Anwar Ibrahim Club (wonder what club's activities are) continue with their political circus.

p/s I call upon peace loving Malaysian citizens to fully support the Royal Malaysian Police' initiatives and preventive measures to safeguard the peace and stability that we are so used to. Don't stay put and think all will be rosy when the devils are out threatening our nation. 

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Anonymous said...

The question still remains lingering in a lot of people's mind.

Is it illegal under the Constitution?

Since we can't trust anyone to intepret it for us, why don't sent this question to Constituitional Courts of England, India to help us decipher between what is written and what is being interpreted.

Anonymous said...

our legal government- Umno is doing a alot of immoral and illegal things.

Sang Guna said...

Illlegal body still can applied permit for demo. in stadium ?
Very funny.

Anonymous said...

From being apolitical and a peaceful gathering, Bersih has now being transformed slowly to face the choice of being a political movement?

No Stadium Merdeka, then the obvious choice is to postponed until the venue is obtained. Since Perkasa has booked the Stadium too, it might be given preference over Bersih. Perkasa can then go ahead and shout out to their hearts content at Stadium Merdeka on the 9 July.

Bersih might have to postpone to another date which may or may not coincide with Anwar's trial or the date of judgement?

See that's what happens when everything is made political by some goons who are being subcontracted to do the political work of BN?

It's like "Kerana seekor nyamuk, kelambu dibakar"

Anonymous said...

NOBODY is above the law. Not even the US President nor the UN.;_ylt=Asdal78Lk3c8QVVy1JZEuAiZCMZ_;_ylu=X3oDMTNkdWxvZWFlBHBrZwM5YzVmNTRjNC01NjI1LTNhMzktODAyYi03ODNjMDI4NTM4YTUEcG9zAzMEc2VjA01lZGlhRmVhdHVyZWRMaXN0BHZlcgM3ZjVmNjY1MC1hODMwLTExZTAtYmZiZi04MmRiOWEzMWI1OGY-;_ylg=X3oDMTM3Y2ZqbXNuBGludGwDdXMEbGFuZwNlbi11cwRwc3RhaWQDMzcxOWMxNjgtZDE3YS0zM2U3LWE4OGEtNDlkM2ZjYjI4NjMwBHBzdGNhdANvcmlnaW5hbHN8dGhlbG9va291dARwdANzdG9yeXBhZ2U-;_ylv=3

Anonymous said...

The Government says BERSIH is illegal. But it the King allowed the movement to have an audience with him. Is it illegal then? What about Perkasa? Is it legal? The government says BERSIH cannot hold rally in Merdeka stadium. But Information Minister who acts as the spokesman for govt, says BERSIH can hold the rally at a Stadium in Selangor or Kelantan. Is he joking? How it will become legal if it is held at staiums in Selangor and Kelantan?

Wake UP! said...

Salam bro. A lot of things done in Selangor by DAPig communists are illegal.

Anonymous said...

okayyy, i dunno who the fuck allowed that ambiga woman to meet our Agong but why the fuck didnt the woman pass her illegal movements memorandum to the King when she met him in Istana Negara?
ambiga have said many times that the purpose of the shitty demonstration was to hand their memorandum to the KIng, why didnt she hand over the memorandum to the King then?
to all stupid morons who follow this woman ambiga and liwat-star anwar ibahim blindly - use your fucking brains for once.
what we are facng now is a dangerous situation that would turn bloody if not handled accordinly.
dont cry only when your house is up in flames

Anonymous said...

Can't the govt see that when everything is being politised, a genuine request from apolitical organisations faces no choice but to become political in the end?

And how does it serve the cause of the genuine apolitical citizens?

Anonymous said...

I wish Mahathir is Home Minister and Rahim Noor is police chief. Im sure Anwar Ibrahim and all his running dogs would rot in prison.


Anonymous said...

Stadium Shah Alam... nak meroyan pun orang tak ambik port sangat... bukan ada pusat tumpuan pun...kalau stadium merdeka...kurang2 abis berhimpun boleh jadi gila babi keluar stadium...huru-hara kan KL tue... Rindu sangat ngan belantan ngan air pancutan FRU....

Sukati la kome....

Anonymous said...

apelah pendek sgt akal engkorang neh? biarkan ajela demo tu nak buat kat stadium merdeka apa masalahnya?...boleh la lepas tu FRU semua lorongkan babi2 yg keluar dari stadium tu ke petaling street & bukit bintang, pudu, jln imbi, jln hang tuah sana biar depa merusuh depan kedai biarkanlah kat anjurkan kat stadium merdeka...biarkanlah...lepas tu baru tau meniaga lingkup xde untung 2-3 biarkan babi2 itu...biarkanlah....

Anonymous said...

Berita dari GAP -------- Seorang lelaki Cina yang bersenjatakan parang dan tukul telah menceroboh sebuah tadika di Taman Sungai Abong, Muar yang menjadi lokasi 4 orang guru dan 30 orang pelajar. Lelaki Cina yang dipercayai menghidap penyakit mental itu telah menahan mereka dari pagi sehinggalah ke petang.

Tindakan memujuk telah dilakukan sama ada dengan menggunakan ibu bapa kanak-kanak yang ditahan, mahupun oleh seorang pakar psikologi yang didatangkan oleh polis. Lelaki Cina tersebut telah mencederakan seorang kanak-kanak dan mengancam akan melakukan kecederaan yang lebih parah seandainya tuntutannya tidak dipenuhi oleh polis.

Akhirnya pada pukul 5.00 petang tadi, polis tidak mempunyai cara lain, kecuali melepaskan tembakan yang khabarnya ke kepala lelaki tersebut. Lelaki tersebut cedera parah dan drama tebusan berakhir dengan semua tebusan berjaya diselamatkan!

Pastinya DAP tidak akan berpuas hati kerana polis telah menembak lelaki Cina itu. Nak-nak pula, lelaki Cina itu mati akibat tembakan yang dilepaskan, pastilah DAP akan menggunakan kesempatan itu untuk menunjukkan kepada rakyat Malaysia bahawa polis adalah entiti yang sangat kejam dan sentiasa mencari jalan untuk membunuh mana-mana individu Cina.

Sepanjang proses memujuk yang dijalankan dari pagi sehinggalah ke saat-saat akhir, tidak ada seorang pun pemimpin DAP yang turun untuk membantu pihak polis. Perlu diingat, lelaki Cina tersebut telah mencederakan seorang kanak-kanak dan kebarangkalian untuk dia membunuh adalah sangat tinggi.

Kita nantikan sahaja apa yang akan dikatakan oleh para pemimpin DAP dan Pakatan Rakyat yang sudah tentu akan mengambil sedikit masa sebelum mereka mula memutarbelitkan fakta untuk menunjukkan polis adalah jahat dan musuh orang Cina!!!

Anonymous said...

Why are you so degil. For the past week you been harping and crying foul that the people's rally will cause unheard hardship to the traders; the acid laced water canon, compliments for our boys in blue, will made the marchers go crazy and violent; There were be bloodshed when Ibrahim & gang clash with the peace loving rakyat, mind you the Frog promised that there will die before they allow the march to go on; foreign conspiracy theory; communist uprising with so called illegal t-shirts; oppossition master plan; wait, wait..I save the best for last "4 million....4 miiiillionnnn(1 in 4 Malaysian ration - bluff also cannot do nicely) martial art exponents will go to war against the peaceful marchers if they don't back down.

Last???? thats what I thought when the Agung spoke to both faction leader personally and issued the edict that they have to reach a compromise in the understanding that the public will not be inconvenience and that democracy must be uphold. Both leaders seems to agree to Agung's suggestions. One offerred publicly that the other can hold rally in any stadium for as long as they want and the other accept the offer. Everyone, including the Agung thought that was the end of this impasse.

What do you know? Same game, new rules ....lo an behold...the goal post have shifted. It has come to our attention the "Rakyat movement to uphold their democratic rights of free and fair election" is not registered with the ROS. They say, "Oh you all say you all so smart and rightous, you all did not know a democratic cause/ideology required ROS registration ah. No ROS registration.. not legal..therefore no permit means no stadium booking. No stadium,no rally... you all loose I win. You might say what you want, unfair, dirty, underhanded, long as I win who cares what you (rakyat and the rest of the civilized world)think. You all forgot what I said a few months ago...I will defend my reign of PJ "at all cost". Thats the way we always play our game. Don't like it, don't play lah and we always win.

......but before the dust settled, our fair and just Agung will weild his royal keris and strike down the destroyers of democracy.

Get use to the idea,my friend. "Good always truimph over evil". Repent,stop spinning, start speaking out for fair and just and you are welcome to join the good before it's too late.

Apanama said...

"The organisers of Bersih 2.0, however, must also explain their association and funding by the US’ National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

Even in the US, many questions are being asked about the NED set up in the early 1980s in the wake of negative revelations about the CIA.

According to William Blum the writer of Killing Hope: US Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II, the NED was set up to overtly do what the CIA had been doing covertly for decades.

He described it as a “masterpiece of politics, public relations and cynicism”.

Ron Paul, a Republican Congressman from Texas, described the NED as “nothing more than a costly programme that takes US taxpayer funds to promote favoured politicians and political parties abroad”.

“What the NED does in foreign countries, through its recipient organisations the National Demo cratic Institute and the International Republican Institute, would be rightly illegal in the US.

“The NED injects soft money into the domestic elections of foreign countries in favour of one party or the other.

“It is particularly Orwellian to call US manipulation of foreign elections ‘promoting democracy.’

“How would Americans feel if the Chinese arrived with millions of dollars to support certain candidates deemed friendly to China? Would this be viewed as a democratic development?” he asked.

With such questions, don’t Malaysians deserve to know more about links between Bersih 2.0 and other Malaysian NGOs funded by the NED?"