Monday 30 April 2012

Bersih brutality in Malaysia

Harry Fawcett, the Asia Pacific Correspondent of Al Jazeera English interviewed Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein ( on Sunday) about the ugly Bersih 3.0 riots on the streets of Kuala Lumpur (near Dataran Merdeka).

The western correspondent who works for Arab-owned Al Jazeera was focused in just highlighting  the alleged 'police brutality' , a script Western journalist and wire agencies are more familiar with.

Watch/listen to the video and you'll be surprised that no mention or questions were raised on the behaviour of Bersih rioters who broke the law, damaged police vehicles and ruined public property.

The irony is that the above interview was conducted at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital after both the Home Minister and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak visited injured policemen and a pressman (casualties of Bersih) who are warded in the hospital. 

From Harry's line of questioning and the way the whole Bersih rioting is portrayed by certain media organisations, it appears as though our policemen are all robots without feelings.

Is it not Bersih's brutality and deliberate provocation of the policemen on duty that brought about the water canons and showers of tear gas? 
Police brutality?


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AryaStark said...

If anyone is to be blamed, blame Ambiga - for losing control of the crowd and to Anwar Ibrahim & Azmin Ali - for inciting the crowd to remove the barricades.

thinking said...

I'm thinking that you have three pictures from one event (the condemnable attacking of one police car).

And one picture of a police motorbike on the ground. The police motorbike which ended up on the ground after crashing into another motorbike. And whose driver was helped by protestors to get away.

I'm thinking that your only objective is to misrepresent two incidences of violence against police, and ignore the many unjustifiable violent actions against peaceful demonstrators trying to disperse, and journalists doing their job.

People do think, you know. And that's why your attempts to incite hatred in their hearts will always be obvious to all.

Anonymous said...

thinking, there r more pics of police got beaten. even the traffic police lying on the ground got kicked. people think, like u said, and we don't need apanama's blog to incite those hatred because we, the rest of Malaysia, the true RAKYAT, is already starting to hate this archaic event and it's organiser

AryaStark said...

Thinking said - Have you seen these videos? I suggest you should

Anonymous said...

I've to agree fully with 'thinking' of his thinking. We should understand that there were many types of thinking. There were those who think with their head and those who think with their heart and still many others who think with their kneecaps!

Anonymous said...

why would you want to assemble at dataran merdeka when it was already barred by the court. As far as i am concerned, the police should have apprehended them all and charge them in court for violating a court order. This was what ought to have happened. No one can break the law!

Unknown said...

There ARE videos of police beating up people. & there is news of a reporter who said he was beaten up by the police.

I know there are good policemen who do their jobs very well & suffer for it. But I also know there are videos showing police pinning down people & giving them what seems to be unnecessary kicks, slaps & pushes.

I hope for explanations. I really do.

al zarqawi said...

Well wat is wrong will be wrong. After the investigation over Goverment under BN will take action on both sides. The truth i saw the video but it was not as bad as wat Bershit supporters did. And if you go to u tube and see how riot police behave in other 1st world countries there is not much difference.
At least on BN side tindakan akan diambil but if you see pakatan side they would not admit at all even with video and pic evidence. Wat was their first move ? Saying police did it and police menyamar sebagai unit amal pas. You see this is where I know they are lying. Unit Amal Pas are not like bersih participants. They should recognize each other and everyone is given a task before rally. So how can The entire unit amal follow orders from a unrecognize member.The truth will prevail.

Concerned Rakyat Malaysia said...

I still believe that BERSIH supporters went there peacefully.

2 main incidents marred the reputation of the protesters.

1. The breach of the barricade can easily be a case of miscommunication, and genuine thought that the police were finally growing up. It could also be agitated, emotional protesters. Anyhow, the whole crowd did NOT surge in after them, and the situation was manageable by the many policemen on the other side of the barricade. No one died.

2. The Sogo car incident. I believe that BERSIH demonstrations have always shown Malaysians at their best, with tolong-menolong being the main rule of conduct. I stand by that. Even in an event where people might have died, Malaysians did not retaliate with violence. Malaysians are NOT hooligans, no matter what the authorities and the mainstream press say.

Concerned Rakyat Malaysia said...

1. The Star reported that there was a four-wheel drive and a police car.

(Article I)

There was only a police car in videos.
Malaysiakini reports that the four-wheel drive and motorbike came only after the car accident. Protesters were stopped from being violent (they were stoppable, unlike the policemen beating people).

(Article II)

2. The Star reported that ‘the policeman driving the car lost control and crashed into three protesters sitting by the road, seriously injuring one of them’.

Videos show that the people hit were standing/walking, and there were more than 3 people hit. Malaysia Today reports that 1 person died while 5 others injured.

(Video A)

The first video in Malaysia Today also showed that the protesters didn’t seem very violent after the crash.

3. The Star reported that the driver said he lost consciousness. This video showed that his car windows were closed (00:30), and maybe opened later (00:51). He opened his window?!

(Video B)

This video shows his window was gone at the end. To me it looked too clean at the edges to be broken (00:36), but undeniably, I cannot be sure.

(Video C)

This video showed that he was very well conscious when he was rescued (00:58). Whether he lost consciousness before, only he knows.

(Video B)

4. The Star reported that the man in the helmet was ‘Al-Hijrah videographer Mohd Azri Mohd Salleh, 28, who …suffered the injury while trying to help Kons Mohd Kamil out of the patrol car. “I rushed to stop the protesters from harming the policeman but instead they turned on me by kicking and punching me many times.” ‘, portraying him as a victim.

(Article III)

This video shows that Mohd Azri pushed someone, which might have led to him being beaten up (00:17). Note that the man he pushed did NOT proceed to beat him up.

(Video D)

This video shows that only about two men were attacking him at the beginning, while others were pulling them apart (00:36). And true enough, Bersih protesters saved him (00:46 onwards).

(Video C)

Bersih protesters also clearly saved Mohd Kamil, without pushing anyone (01:18).

(Video C)

5. The PDRM official video did not show how protesters overturned the car.

(Video D)

This video does show the overturn of the car and it does not look like a riot. It was very CIVIL(01:07).

(Video B)

The video tallies with The Star’s photograph. The people looked calm and possibly concerned.

(Article I)

This video adds to evidence that the crowd was helping, in the scenes before the car was overturned, and especially (00:38) when a man was pulled to safety from being crushed by the car.

(Video C)

6. This blog is the effort of someone who was equally suspicious of the Sogo car incident, although my points differs from his a little.


I do hope I've convinced you too.