Thursday 26 April 2012

Why NOT Bersih

Hulu Selangor Member of Parliament P.Kamalanathan who sat on the Parliament Select Committee on Electoral Reforms has taken the trouble to set the record straight about Bersih's EIGHT point demands and what the PSC, which toured the nation to gather public views and complaints, had recommended to the Malaysian Parliament. The Election Commission is in the process of implementing PSC's recommendations. 

Take time to watch the following brief videos and THINK!

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Anonymous said...

I respect MP Kamalanathan - his style is clear, concise and relevant. This is the way other BN MPs should articulate their facts, but sad to say, not many like him out there.

Anonymous said...

Think. You think these ppl who are hell-bent on having their protest rally will? Nope.
U tengok KJ vs Ambiga debate. Fakta after fakta, KJ berhujah, ambiga dah sound off, tak mau dengar. Apatah lagi lembu2 yg suka duduk di perjalanan.