Saturday 28 April 2012

Prime Minister prays for Nayati Moodliar's safety

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has taken a personal interest in the kidnapping of 12-year-old student Nayati Moodliar in Kuala Lumpur. 

Najib not only prayed for the missing child and appealed for Nayati not to be harmed in any way, but had also obtained a first-hand briefing from the Inspector General of Police over the case. 

Well done Mr Prime Minister. This is exactly what Malaysians need... a truly caring Prime Minister.  

p/s Najib is in Sarawak for a 3-day working visit to Sibu and Kuching. 

Dutch boy kidnapped in Malaysia

A 12-yera-old Dutch boy has been kidnapped in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. The boy was dragged into a dark-coloured car with false number plates by three men before the eyes of his classmates. A spokesperson from the Dutch municipality of Son en Breugel has called it a “worrying situation”.
The boy Nayati Moodliar is the son of a couple from South Africa. The family lived in Son en Breugel for almost 11 years, but had moved to Malaysia for the father’s job. The boy attended an international school.
The kidnapping was filmed. Pictures of the boy have been distributed and a huge search is underway. His father made an emotional appeal for his safe return. “It is our only son. He is a good boy. We want him back. We don’t want any trouble. It is not too late to let him go. Let him come back.'' So far no ransom has been demanded.
One of his former Dutch teachers said, “He is a really nice and enthusiastic boy with a fanclub among the girls.''
The family is receiving assistance from the Dutch embassy in Malaysia. The Foreign Ministry said it did not want to speculate what is behind the kidnapping. Expatica

URGENT UPDATES on missing kid - nayati : these are his general information - 1.5cm height, 12 years old, dark brown hair and eyes, mix origin or indian and caucasian, Dutch nationality, he was taken at 7:30 am this morning on the way to Mont Kiara International School (MKIS), was wearing a green shorts with white tshirt with MKIS emblem, taken in a BLACK PROTON GEN2 with fake plate number WNH 1356. Please contact 0192333065/0126895377

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Anonymous said...

Since there iis a CCTV cam which captured the whole abduction, why don't the police broadcast it to all media. The abductors faces should be shown to the people.
The boy will be hidden, but the abductors could still be seen publicly freely moving around.

Anonymous said...

let's pray that he will be safe-ApaiSwk