Sunday 29 April 2012

President OBAMA supports Bersih?

Everything about Bersih is FAKE. 
The notion that Bersih is a civil liberty movement led by concerned NGOs is FAKE.
The claim that 81 NGOs were behind Bersih is FAKE as 60 of them don't even exist. (ha ha ..)

The statement that Bersih was not a political movement is FAKE. 
(Pas MP admits Bersih is a political game)
The claim that all Bersih wanted was room for peaceful demonstration is FAKE. (Watch this)

The claim that hundreds of thousands took to the streets of KL on Saturday is FAKE. (The picture below further exposes that) 

The claim that Bersih had no political ambitions is FAKE.

The claim that Bersih was not about violent street anarchy is FAKE.
Bersih is FAKE, they never managed to gather in Dataran Merdeka as the 'doctored' picture below shows. 

Thousands of other FAKE pictures and doctored youtube videos of yesterday's ugly street hooliganism have been uploaded on the net. 
Just stretch your mental faculty's ability a little bit more before buying into these FAKE stories. 


PKR's Tian Chua is good at superimposing / doctoring pictures. (as per his admission of doctoring the Prime Minister's picture in the past)
YB Tian Chua, did you go big scale this time around? 

p/s I'm sure the US Embassy in Kuala Lumpur would like to inform their president to collect his Bersih T-shirt from Ambiga or Anwar. 

*** Obama should take the opportunity to advise Bersih to be registered as Pakatan Rakyat's 5th partner. 

***Bersih is 5th coz I was told that the 4th slot in Pakatan has been taken by the Bar Council. (BC should confirm or deny this a.s.a.p)

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Anonymous said...

yes!!! BERSIH is UNCLEANED...FAKE...FAKE...FAKE. just look at how the bunch of law breakers go against the police..Do we want this type of people to run the country..think again!-ApaiSwk

Anonymous said...

Why are you worried and blogging about it if it is fake. You are fuckin full of shit. make sure you post my comment you fake dick.

AryaStark said...

Bersih is FAKE and Ambiga & the Opposition are to be blamed for the mayhem caused

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....FAKE, FAKE, FAKE! So everything's fake. I'll have to agree with you FAKEY cos my hard earn money is used to buy votes - civil servants pay increase, FELDA, everyway these ministers go, they give away MY money! Please say that's FAKE too cos it's BRIBery out in the open. Nevermind the murders, the sandals! Let's talk about about TAX PAYERS MONEY!!! Malay, Chinese, Indian, etc!!! FAKE? Art Harun has more class and he's funny and not annoying as this FAKEY!!!

Anonymous said...

this article is totally FAKE....:)

Anonymous said...

Wow. Douchebags galore!