Monday 2 April 2012

"Independent" Journalism in Malaysia

"Masalahnya sekarang, masyarakat nak dakwa di mahkamah. Betul tak? Betul. Ini yang masyarakat nak. Itu kalau tuan-tuan tanya saya, tuan-tuan put the question to the wrong person. 

"Banyak kes-kes yang kita cadangkan kepada DPP, pada pandangan kita ada kes, tapi pada dia, tak cukup bukti. So, what can we do? Itu pada dia, dia lebih arif, the final say tetap pada timbalan pendakwaraya, macam mana? Kita tak ada kuasa." - Datuk Shukri's exact quote. (time code : 42:22) 

Below is what 'independent' Malaysiakini reported (as copy pasted by blogger Din Merican) HERE 

The A-G Chambers practises selective prosecution, says MACC

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March 29, 2012

The A-G Chambers practises selective prosecution, says MACC

by Kuek Ser Kuang
The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission investigates all allegations of corruption made to it, but it is the Attorney-General’s Chambers that refuses to file in court some of the cases the MACC deems valid.
NONE“Come, show me which case has not been investigated by MACC. There is not even one case that we did not investigate,” its Deputy Commissioner (Operations) Mohd Shukri Abdull (left) told a forum in Shah Alam today.
“The problem is, many people want the cases to be charged in court, but if you ask me on this issue, you are asking the wrong person. To us, there are valid cases (to be charged in court), but to the Deputy Public Prosecutor, there is no case to answer, so what can we do?” Shukri told the participants, who responded with loud cries of lawan (fight).
Giving the audience a dry smile, Shukri replied: “How to fight? MACC has no (prosecution) power.”
The articulate senior officer who has 27 years of combating graft behind him, was trying his best to convince the excited audience that MACC was free from political interference and doing its best to haul up corrupt politicians to face the music.
The cheers and applause from the floor suggested that his explanation was well received by the hundreds at the forum titled “Political Bribery: Reality or Perception”, organised by Malay daily Sinar Harian.

...and note how 'independent' spin masters have spun Shukri's statement out of context.

Nazri tells ‘weak’ Shukri to stop complaining

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Abdul Aziz has chided Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) deputy commissioner (operations) Mohd Shukri Abdull for complaining about corruption cases being rejected by the Attorney-General’s Chambers.
NONE“I think Shukri (left) has a weak character. He should not make complaints openly,” Nazri is quoted by Sin Chew Daily as saying in Kuala Kangsar last Saturday.
“In fact, he does not need to make any explanation to the public because it is the job of AG’s Chambers to prosecute an individual. His job is only to investigate. I hope this will not confuse the people.”
Nazri also demanded that Shukri stops making such statements in the future.
He was responding to Shukri’s remark at a forum last Thursday that the anti-graft commission has investigated all allegations of corruption lodged with it, but it was the AG’s Chambers that refused to file cases in court on grounds of insufficient evidence.
‘Corruption charge will cause great shame’
Nazri explained that corruption charges would cause great shame to the accused and therefore the AG’s Chambers must acted diligently, and charge the accused in court only if there is concrete evidence.
“The investigating officer may think a case is solid, but the prosecutor may think that there is still weakness,” the Chinese daily quotes the de facto law minister as explaining.  - Malaysiakini

Now, scroll up and listen to what Shukri said and how 'independent' Malaysiakini has been pursuing the issue with loads of malice and clear cut Opposition agenda to ridicule vital institutions and the Government in general.

Several Members of parliament took 'independent' news portal Malaysiakini to task in Dewan Rakyat today with Wangsa Maju MP Wee Choo Keong summing them up as practitioners of irresponsible gutter journalism

Kota Belud MP Abdul Rahman Dahlan started the ball rolling in Parliament by chiding the 'independent' news portal for 'spinning' the SPRM officers statement out of context and spreading such news without any  shame or guilt.  Rahman Dahlan was present at the Sinar Harian organized forum on political corruption (video above).

p/s Wonder which political party and/or NGOs are funding Malaysiakini to spin Malaysia beyond recognition... even to fellow Malaysians.

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Anonymous said...

APA cry babies are all sounding like tired old records,a collection rejected into the rubbish bin.

If truly Malaysiakini have been misreporting, openly, practicing deliberate manipulation of facts ,then where are the loudmouths who wanted star licence withdrawn just for silly pix of erykah?

What malaysiakini does is much worse.In USA they would have been charged by homeland security just base on suspected of as spies for unknown terorrists to provoke a hostile situation.

All those who have been victims of manipulation and deliberate lies by Malaysiakini should write to SKMM/MCMC with their complains and demand that this site be shutdown. They have have gone on too long unchallenged because they know malaysian men are such whimps.