Monday 2 April 2012

UAE shoots KAF and NDI down! What about MALAYSIA?

CNN reported THIS latest development from UAE. The UAE authorities have finally realised that both the KAF and NDI have been interfering in the domestic affairs of the country.

Both KAF and NDI have long been associated with clandestine operations to effect regime change under the guise of promoting democracy. 

Both KAF and NDI were in the limelight in Malaysia recently after lawmakers highlighted the two organisations' links to local Opposition politicians and political parties.

Several PKR politicians and party officials have been trained by these 'subversive' organisations which appear like NGOs and are fully backed by powerful foreign governments.

The ultimate aim of these dubious NGOs appear to be nothing but regime change. Egypt was among the first middle-east country to shutdown both KAF and NDI. UAE has now seen the light. 

Are we in Malaysia taking this matter seriously?  

The Government must make it very clear that while we practice somewhat an open door policy in terms of accepting NGOs promoting peace, volunteerism, freedom, human rights and such, we the sovereign nation of Malaysia would not tolerate Foreign Direct Interference.

Wisma Putra and the Home Minstry must make it very clear to both local and foreign NGOs that the Government would not tolerate any attempt to promote Politics of Hatred in Malaysia.

Nip it in the bud before the situation gets out of control. 

p/s Don't forget the so-called 'independent' news organisations and their operatives who have been receiving direct/in-direct funding from similar 'subversive' NGOs.

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Anonymous said...

Malaysian authorities and/or Minister in Charge should take heed and learn from UAE actions. Is the government to take any action to protect the country just to please the voters who most likely will still vote for the opposition. Governmet of the day should just do what is right and good for the nation, period.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

WITH DUE RESPECT - our leadership today is trying to leverage on Western support to win the elections and it is no surprise that clandestine organisations who clandestinely promote Regime Change will only be "watched". David Cemeron's recent visit and praise of Malaysia is exactly as Najib had hoped for. Mind, David Cemaron himself faces a very bleak future in the UK. What is important is the these organisations who promote subversion whatever their overt stated objectives MUST be exposed to our otherwise happily uninterested and western-biased public. There are still large pockets of our naive society who seem to equate anything Western as good and harmless. I do not blame Najib for being very careful and for not wanting to upset the powerful nations West or East. We know that recently Hilary Clinton has issued a very strong warning to Egypt for arresting 12 foreign "agents" operating with foreign NGOs in Egypt. ( Our ever mentally alert Tun M had written something in the media in an almost immediate response to that, does anyone realise?).
So. I think Najib is wise in not wanting to get the government itself to act against these agents of subversion. We are afterall still dependant on a lot of cooperation from abroad if we are seriois about wanting to leapfrog our economy into Developed Nation Status. I THINK IT IS UP TO THE MEDIA. ESPECIALLY THE ALTERNATIVE MEDIA. to educate our public on the realities and the implications of the existence of propogators of a NEW WORLD ORDER. We are Sang Kancil, remember? Small but not necessarily stupid and therefore easily fooled.