Monday 23 April 2012

The Secret Mission

Target No 1 - Stop Firefly's operations.

MAS’s very own no-frills airline Firefly must be stopped from operating at all cost as Firefly was gaining momentum and eating into Air Asia’s market share.

status : Mission accomplished!

Target No 2 – Remove MAHB MD Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad.

Tan Sri Bashir is regarded by some well-connected businessman and his friends in Khazanah as the single biggest  stumbling block for their grand plans for the aviation industry. Some say Bashir has been standing in their way, preventing them from hijacking the industry. 

Bashir's term as Managing Director would come to an end by June and the Khazanah boys, we understand, are preparing to plant another remnant of the infamous 4th floor outfit in MAHB. 

Is someone from Khazanah facilitating a complete take-over?

 status : In progress. Could be accomplished soon.

Target No 3 - Remove DCA director general Datuk Azharuddin Abdul Rahman. 

Why would anybody in the right frame of mind want to drag the Director General of DCA into the kind of politics that has been going on in the aviation industry since Air Asia decided to go big?

Well, when you don't give in to the bare-knuckled capitalist they would want to teach you a lesson... and put someone friendly there. Wouldn't they?

status : In progress via Transport Ministry. 

Now the BIG question. 

Is it true that there was this unwritten agreement to the above Secret Mission following the inking of the scandalous Mas-AirAsia share swap and the Comprehensive Collaborative Agreements on 9-8-2011?

Is it true that AirAsia or rather Tony Fernandes was given some sort of an undertaking that the THREE TARGETS mentioned above would be removed to enable a smooth flow of plans for the aviation industry?  

Did anyone from Khazanah offer such an undertaking to Tony Fernandes?

I'm sure Khazanah's Azman Mokhtar would want to clear his name, wouldn't you Tan Sri Amok? 

p/s Dear Prime Minister, the scandalous Mas-AirAsia share swap and the mysterious CCF has created enough damage politically and I'm quite sure you, Sir, would agree that we could refrain from creating worse discontent and stirring unwanted resentment in DCA and MAHB.

This 'Secret Mission' would have a viral effect. TQ 

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Ketua Kampung said...

Out of the aviation content, you should also look into Ministry of Health. They're now putting effort to hijack the supplies and maintenance of medical equipments for the whole country. Which means everything that got to do with equipments purchases will exclusively go through them. Last time I heard, it'll become effective this coming May. How this is possible? Someone's may need to dig further. It has rumours that its the initiative of Slumberjack's son in law.