Wednesday 18 April 2012

DAP Speakers Corner propaganda?

This blatant abuse of freedom was apparently recorded at the Lim Guan Eng introduced Speakers Corner in Penang (Esplanade - Padang Kota lama). 

This ugly scene could be interpreted in many ways but one thing is for sure, it shows the state of the Malays in Penang under the super-liberal DAP administration. 

The main character in the video is said to be a Malay DAP member. Could we expect other super-liberal Malay DAP members singing similar tunes in future? 

Were neo-DAP champions Aspan and Arif Sabri there at the Speaker's Corner to monitor this Melayu DAP's performance?

We must admit that Lim Guan Eng has succeeded in his 'special project' for the Malays in Penang. 

Well done Chief Minister!

p/s I'm sure Ustaz Salleh Man (Penang PAS commissioner) would like to take the necessary steps to strengthen the akidah of Muslims in Penang, but Salleh Man would need the approval of Chief Minister Khalifah Umar Abdul Aziz @ Lim Guan Eng before he could even lift a finger.

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Anonymous said...

Takbeer !!!

Anonymous said...

Hancur la Melayu Pulau Pinang. Pakat undi DAP lagi no'

Anonymous said...

Buck an Takbeer tapi TAKEBEER

Anonymous said...

Din Puduraya

Pas tidak terlibat! Pas tidak terlibat! Pas tak tahu pasal liwat! Pas tidak diliwat! Kalau Salleh Man jadi ketua majlis agama islam baru Pas terlibat! PKR nak liwat Pas! Pas tak rela! Pas tak rela! Salleh Man tak rela! Guan Eng kata nothing wrong what! Pas tak liwat! Pas tak terlibat! Pas suci! Pas buat tak tahu!

Anonymous said...

Dear Apanama,

Just how stupid do you think people are? I know you and your bosses are shit scared of DAP and Penang. But seriously take it easy. Try harder next time. And please dont underestimate the average malaysian.

Anonymous said...

anon @ Thursday, April 19, 2012 12:46:00 PM

based on comments by dap cybertroopers, the correct conclusion is that they are REALLY stupid and easily brainwashed ...

to march cluelessly - they thought they were given a free trip to town with transport and meals provided

Anonymous said...

Hidup hidup mampus mampus mahasewel mahasitua beruksiswa.
Pegilah belajar kuat2.Dapat honors tak yah le bayar balik pinjaman.Contohnya budak2 cina tu.Lagi lecturer cina kat PTA semuanya sporting.Apa lagi, dapta honor hutang langsai dengan sendiri.