Friday 27 April 2012

Bersih's desperate political game

DAP's Tunku Abdul Aziz basically says Bersih organizers were instigating the rakyat to break the law of the land and that he was against such provocations.

KUALA LUMPUR: Criticism of the planned Bersih 3.0 rally in Kuala Lumpur by DAP vice-chairman Senator Tunku Abdul Aziz has generated some buzz in sociopolitical blogs and news portals, with pro-government bloggers lauding his view and their pro-opposition counterparts scrambling to clarify his remarks.

The Malaysian Insider, among others, reported on April 26 that Tunku Aziz was against the rally because he felt it encouraged people to break the law.

“My opposition to this kind of demonstration is — we are encouraging people to break the law and we are supposed to be lawmakers," he said.

“I am in favour of us assembling if that is not breaking the law but breaking the law is something that I cannot support,” he said.      

He stated it was his personal view, and that he had informed his colleagues in DAP -  The Mole.

PAS' Nasharudin Mat Isa who is Bachok MP had said earlier that Bersih was a 'political game' and not a movement championing the cause of NGOs or the civil society. 

Based on the fact that Bersih was a 'political game' the former PAS deputy president said Bersih should be led by PAS and not by individuals like Ambiga.

Nasharudin said Ambiga was not fit to lead Bersih as she openly supported the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender rights movement.

These two statements from influential DAP and PAS leaders just gives credence to a recent expose that Bersih is actually a movement made up of NGOs ( a big majority of them illegal) serving the political agenda of PKR. 

The ultimate aim of Bersih appears nothing but to create chaos and portray the Malaysian government and the ruling Barisan Nasional in bad light.

If Bersih's motive was indeed noble in wanting a free and fair elections, WHY then are the organizers adamant in wanting to gather by the thousands in Dataran Merdeka and not in any of the suggested alternate venues/stadiums?

What is the difference between Dataran Merdeka and Stadium Bukit Jalil?

Why is it that Bersih is adamant about wanting to gather in Dataran Merdeka unless there is a sinister motive?

I'm sure Malaysian in the right frame of mind could analyse the antics of Ambiga with an open mind and draw their own conclusion.

But the fact remains that Bersih is a political movement backed by some desperate Opposition leaders who had promised to take Putrajaya 'at all costs'. 


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