Thursday 27 September 2012

Will you cry for the cops?

Guard shot dead in jewellery shop heist


PETALING JAYA: A security guard who had worked at a jewellery shop here for more than 20 years died after he was shot by armed robbers Wednesday.
The incident occured around 3.45pm when three men wearing full-face helmets barged into the shop along Jalan Othman.
One of the men brandished a pistol and shot the unarmed security guard twice at point-blank range.
The other two men then used axes to shatter the glass showcases and took the jewellery before leaving the scene on motorcycle.
A police team at the scene of the crime in the jewellery shop in Petaling Jaya.A police team at the scene of the crime in the jewellery shop in Petaling Jaya.
Petaling Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Arjunaidi Mohamed said the security guard was rushed to the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre but died while receiving treatment around 6pm.
"We have identified the victim as P. Krishnan, 43. He suffered two gunshot wounds to the chest and arm," he said when contacted. - The Star

Hours after killing security guard P.Krishnan in PJ the robbers are believed to have been engaged in a shoot out with two policemen in Jalan Kuchai Lama. 

The two policemen were shot and are are now in critical condition at the Universiti Hospital.

Published: Wednesday September 26, 2012 MYT 9:04:00 PM
Updated: Wednesday September 26, 2012 MYT 11:09:57 PM

Two cops in critical condition after being shot by robbery suspects (Updated)

by AUSTIN CAMOENSKUALA LUMPUR: Gunmen opened fire at two police personnel following a routine traffic stop, leaving the two in critical condition.

Federal CID director Comm Datuk Seri Mohd Bakri Zinin said the incident occurred around 6.45pm Wednesday when the two policemen spotted a Proton car being driven in a suspicious manner along Jalan Kuchai Lama.
"They chased the car for a short distance before it stopped near an intersection heading to Sri Petaling.
"The two policemen got out of their patrol car and approached the vehicle when the suspects opened fire,” he told pressmen at the scene.
He said the two policemen, aged 41 and 51, and from the Brickfields police headquarters, were hit in the chest and neck.
"They were rushed to the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre when back-up arrived shortly after the incident.
"The suspects abandoned the vehicle about a kilometre away from the scene," he said, adding that police believed four suspects were involved in the shooting.
Comm Mohd Bakri said police were investigating the possibility that the suspects could have been involved in the robbery of a jewellery shop in Petaling Jaya earlier in the day. - TheStar

What if the policemen had shot and killed all the four criminals instead? 

I think some hot-shot PKR lawyer would accuse the cops "trigger-happy". I think some human right activists funded by Soros would come in the defence of the rights of the dead(ly) criminals. And some jet-setting politicians would start demanding for yet another Royal Commission.

But the cops did not shoot the criminals. They were shot by the criminals, instead, and they are now fighting for their lives.

Will the hot-shot PKR lawyer, Soros' activists and journalists, and jet-setting politicians show their anger towards the criminals and for once start appreciating what our cops are up against?

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Anonymous said...

I know. They would blame the government now.

Anonymous said...

I pray to Allah for the quick recovery of the two policemen. To those unscruplous politicians, may Allah open up your heart and mind. amen

john doe said...

"The 4 guys in the car are innocent until proven otherwise. As for the readers of this post, you are guilty of assuming the suspects who shot the policemen are even criminals. Instead, the policemen should not have stopped the car in the first place because to drive a car is not an offense! They also did not, though in police cars and uniforms, identified themselves as police officer or showed their authority cards.Clearly, the police had violated that 4 person rights to be on the road driving a car!

i dont think them hot shots lawyers (without prejudice of course) wannabe and human rights chimp-ion (sorry for the spelling error-oh my english!) would cry over what happened to any cops! I cringed with that prospect but I'd pray for the cops and their family after reading your post. Tq.

Anonymous said...

Kalau zaman Tun, police tembak dulu baru buat press conference. So tak de sapa nak pertikai. Penjara pun kurang orang. Sekarang penjara penuh, tinggal kat rumah pun takut sebab penjenayah berleluasa....

Anonymous said...

Its crime and human rights is on stake here.

Well if those killed and injured were a bunch of criminals, with a string of serious convictions in their pockets, Surendran and Latheefa Koyak would be crying.
The kind of charade our foreign-funded human rights activists and their activist-turned-politician lackeys put up, would have scared the shit out of you and me.
Human rights is at stake here, the policemen must have been trigger happy. Although the 'victim' who was shot dead has had multiple criminal cases, he must be innocent. The police are killing people on our roads for no apparent reason. - such would have been the cry.
But what happens now? A security guard has been killed in cold blood. He was shot at point blank. The four criminals have also shot two policemen.
When you cant blame the police what do you do? Blame the BN government, blame the Menteri Dalam Negeri.
You fighting to reduce crime or just cheap politics Surendran and Latheefa?
May the Lord have mercy on our two brave policemen.

Anonymous said...

Saya ingin merakamkan ucapan ribuan terima kasih dan rasa terhutang budi kami sekeluarga kepada PDRM kerana pengorbanan tuan-tuan dan puan-puan demi menjaga keselamatan rakyat dan negara kita. Hanya Allah yang mampu membalas jasa dan pengorbanan kalian.

Dr Rashid - Assunta

IT.Sheiss said...

Several years back, when the policeman who shot dead that teenage joyrider in Shah Alam after a car chase, I felt it would result in police being hesitant to shoot first, so the criminals are now bolder and crime is more rampant.

Certain lawyers today are like those in the west, who show more sympathy for criminals, than for the victims, and where public opinion has been shaped to even regard criminals as innocent and the victims as quilty.

Malaysia is heading towards that but we don't need to.

Now let's see what those SOROS and NED funded "human rights" NGOs have to say about this, when the public's human rights is being violated by criminals.

May the security guard's soul rest in peace and pray for the two police AND may the robbers be caught and tried.

LoyarLawa said...

apanama - do you hear all those pakatan activists talking about the crime rate? TAK BERANI becos they know they're responsible for the way things are now. They the ones who whack the police and they were the ones who made a hero out of criminals like Kugan. Padan muka if they all kena penyamun and perompak.
You think they care about the welfare of the police? Police kan ramai Melayu? They want to burukkan policekan police in order to burukkan kerajaan.

Gerard said...

That policeman who shot that teenager in Shah Alam is paying his dues now. He was tried in a court of law and convicted.

UI feel sorry for that boy...but imagine -- he was driving in a manner that raise suspicion and in the wee hours of the morning. No way could the police ascertain that he was a teenager.

of course, police could have not temabk banyak kali the way they did.

Can't turn back the clock.

But, what the hell was that boy driving around without a licence at that hour. the police know better.

And that's why they ask "please" first before they want to shoot at criminals..

and then, "Thank you" ...after that.

I give my permission to the police to shoot at people who are clearly committing crimes...who give them cause to shoot...

Anonymous said...

This happens if you have a lousy KDN minister. When Tun M was around no such thing.

Anonymous said...

fuck lah pakatan u semua bela penjenayah sebab itu jenayah kini byk, sana tembak sini tembak naext mungkin kamu or yr wife atau anak kena tembak, then u akan u turn cakap polis tidak orang beranak keluar ikut lubang jubur that why otak u all mcm taik..suka lobang taik,,

mitchell said...

Anon 1:27:00,
PDRM dibawah kerajaan Pakatan ke? Elok siasat dulu sebelum keluar statement macam tu..Kemeterian Dalam Negeri cover PDRM, dan juga agensi keselamatan yang lain...penjenayah yang besar-besar semua nya bela siapa...rasa-rasa nak bela kerajaan yang belum dibentuk atau kerajaan yang ada sekarang..

IT.Sheiss said...

Lorarl.awa wrote:-

"You think they care about the welfare of the police? Police kan ramai Melayu? They want to burukkan policekan police in order to burukkan kerajaan."

More importantly, do they care for the welfare of the PUBLIC.

When the crime rate was rising, they criticised the police for not doing enough. When the police do something, they condemn them.

I too feel sorry for that teenager in Shah Alam who was killed but the fact of the matter was that he tried to run, resulting in a car chase and even when cornered, acted aggressively with the car.

Now how would one expect the police to suspect who was in the card under such circumstances.

I felt that now that the policeman who shot that boy has been convicted, the police will be reluctant to shoot, even when the situation warrants it.

We hear of snatch thefts of innocent women who are often badly injured or even die from the injuries.

What do these whining, bleeding heart liberals have to say about that.

Anonymous said...

Mitchell.. U ada bukti ka Polis/KDN bela penJenayah. Kalo u ada bukti u tunjuk. Kalo xda u jgn Main hantam cakap saja. SerupA itu anjing menyalak bukiT. Polis siang malam jga U all punya safety. Even sinGle word of Terima kasih pn u all xda. Kalo u rasa safety U terancam. Sepa u panggiL mari?? Ada u pergi kol SUARAM??? LawYer of Liberty??? AMK?? Xda kan. U msti panggil Polis juga. Mmg btol u pay taxes Bayar gaji polis. But how mUch u pay tok bayar nyawa Polis yg jaga u all.. SetAkat yearly u bayar Taxes less than 10K u x pyh sembanG bnyak la. PkIr la b4 u bg statemEnt Polis/KDN bela penjenayah. Tq

Anonymous said...

First of all,guys carrying guns without permission is not guilty? Read the weapons act, dumb ass. 2nd,police will check whether u act cool or suspicios,they have the power to do so,and check out the police act,does the good guys n the bad have a sign on their forehead that shows 'good' or 'bad',they have to do regular checking,again,u dumb ass. Lastly, not feeling even a bit for another human being is really showing that in this world, u r the chimp amongst human being. Idiot.

Anonymous said...

Bila polis kena tembak ambigababi ada kata apa apa? Bila polis menembak dialah yang bising macam pantat murai. And she is talking about justice, fairness and equality. She is a pariah, a genuine pariah.

I really hope from now on the police should shoot first, questions later. If not the police may not live to ask questions.

Anonymous said...

I pray for the immediate stop to these bloodthirsty criminals.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

nak tau apa nationality penyagak2 tu.

Anonymous said...

john doe
You are an A-hole. Cops have every right to stop a car if they find anything suspicious or on the hunt for suspects. You are sending out the message to criminals that they can go wild and free , not to worry cos we have people like you defending the enemies bcos the cops are Malays. Mofo you!!

Anonymous said...

These anti BN people have never said a good word about the police. Next time when they get into trouble and call the police the police should go for a teh tarik before meeting them. Maybe go a film show first. These people dont know how to show their gratitude, to the police or anyone else. They are a bunch of arrogant show offs.

Zakir said...

Well said chum. Those who do not have sense of sympathy to the victims are those spoil bred civilians having animalism character on their human exterior. And just wait until they or their relatives are expose to such scene then they could possible know how to feel and behave as a true, normal person called human with humane senses.

Anonymous said...

Teh tarik before attending tose ungrateful people....good idea serve them right. So now for those who loves the criminals and gangsters........dont complains if the cops show up a bit late ....please shows your synpathy toward the criminal while they robs off your house......cheers

mitchell said...

Dear Anon 6:15,
Lau gua takde bukti dan pengalaman sendiri gua tak cakap la, Bro...tanya aje kat bengkel kereta berapa "normal rate" untuk OC Trafik untuk dapat repot, gambar dan lakaran kemalangan.
Tanya aje kalau dulu pengedar VCD haram, berapa dia orang bayar untuk "cover line"
Tanya aje kawan makmal forensik macam mana halatuju peluru menunjukan 3 remaja ditembak sambil mereka berlutut tapi KDN kata mereka sedang bersenjata parang dan sedang meluru depan semasa ditembak.
Dalam kes ini, begitu malang sekali anggota PDRM ditembak, saya cukup simpati dengan mereka dan juga keluarga mereka tapi ini adalah risiko yang mereka terpaksa ambil. Mereka mengikut SOP dan akibatnya ditembak. Adakah Anon mencadangkan that tak payah nak disoal dan terus lepaskan tembakan tak tentu arah. Daripada beli submarine yang lepas 2 tahun sahaja bolih menyelam, lagi baik lengkapkan semua kereta peronda PDRM dengan camera dan juga computer supaya sebelum keluar dari kereta anggota polis bolih mengenalpasti yang kereta itu telah terlibat dengan kegiatan jenayah.

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