Thursday 19 June 2008


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AirAsia gets deal to fly civil servants ! - 19 Jun, 2008

AirAsia said today it had sealed a deal to get some business from the Malaysian government, which currently only flies civil servants on state-owned Malaysia Airlines.
"We hope to secure up to 50 percent of the government expenditure on air tickets," the budget carrier's chairman Aziz Bakar told reporters.
"It will contribute 20 to 30 percent to our bottom line."

Tour operators estimate the government spends about RM500 million annually on flights for the nation's one million civil servants.
AirAsia, launched in December 2001 with just two aircraft, has become the region's biggest low-cost carrier and is in fierce competition with Malaysia Airlines.
Top officials from the two companies have been engaging in an increasingly bitter war of words and have withdrawn the discount offered to each other's chairmen, one of the genteel traditions in the cut-throat aviation industry. -

Now, this is really funny.

Is the Government trying to kill MAS (owned Malaysians via the Min of Finance Inc) to save a private company which had jumped into the CUT-THROAT industry like a piranha just a couple of years ago?

WHY!!!!! WHY, such preferential treatment for AirAsia ?

Tony and guys fully subscribe to the free-market/open competition and all that jumbo jargon of the IMF/World Bank/WTO but why are they running back into OUR kitchen asking for a share of the 'old bread'?

Is Tony not the guy who wants to move millions of Asean citizens and ordered hundreds of new JUMBO-aircrafts for these feats? I don't think the Jumbo's were ordered to fly our Civil Servants.

WHY IS THE GOVERNMENT "BAILING OUT" AIRASIA BHD - an airline which (barely) stands under the shadows of the dubious Qali & Gang?

p/s The Finance Minister is busy (even if he is not the 'cacamarba guy' might not know), TopCat can you please explain this clear-cut BAIL-OUT ?

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Akar Umbi said...

It's fine, for the sake of open market, I may say??????

Anonymous said...


Rockybru said...


It is not a bail out. I think the Badawi administration has found a way to cut cost, i.e. by flying Air Asia. I am sure because it is cheaper, the government will encourage the various departments to get their senior officers to fly more often via Air Asia. The more you fly, the bigger the savings. I think that should be AIr Asia's new tagline.

Anonymous said...

The things they think up!. Hei as the saying goes" make hay while the sun shines" Whilst still in power,they are dashing the 100m run, still got time to make the cronies save for their dry days ahead maa

Anonymous said...

Firstly these bas3rds grabbed the Rural Air Services from MAS although Idris Jala was not in favour of it.
Bodowi said the Govt wanted to create TWO NATIONAL CHAMPIONS IN THE INDUSTRY.
Then these pigs swindled the RM millions in Govt subsidy for the rural air services but only operated about 30-40% of the scheduled routes/frequency.
They operated a couple of aircraft while the others from the fleet of Fokker 50 and Twin-Otters were canibalised for spare-parts.
(All aircrafts were on-lease from Sykt. Penerbangan Malaysia of Khazanah)
When they have milked the subsidy and managed to put their hands on the long-haul lisence, the rural air services were dumped to Mas with the PM's consent.
They formed AirAsiaX and fled the scene like a bunch of ROBBERS running after a new target.
The looters then STOLE the KL-London route which was actually obtained for MAS thru a G2G negotiations.
NOw, these shameless whores are again stealing from the rakyat-owned MAS and the Government is happy about it.

What kind of a half-past-six Finance Minister would do this, unless his hands are full of shit?


Anonymous said...

Will our airline industry ever be free of shame and unwarranted handouts? Air Asian government??? Nvm the govt. The public gladly surrenders to the wiles of Tony and Air Asia... worth notingTony's spell over impressionable publicity seeking bloggers like Kenny Sia. The public now slumbers in their belief that their hero is good and virtuous but one day they will wake and realise their Tony is NOT David but REALLY Goliath.

kugan said...

Seriously losers like u are talking about tony fernandes..shut the hell up and do ur work..dun interfere with smart thugs like him u losers!!!

khazlany said...

Those who do operation works in MINDEF and Airasia were great guys. They help each other in solving any issues of transporting our military peole from one place to another. You must know how hard Airasia did since 2001 in improving services with Mindef. They wont get any contracts extension unless a better service is provided. I was there even for only for 2 years with Airasia and has left now, still proud for being part of them those days. Bravo to Tony & Din Meranun..