Saturday 28 June 2008


Update - 01/07/08

Sorry, no SODOMEE here ..... we already have our hands full trying to deal with a NAKED GUY who is attending High Court, thinking he is the JUDGE.
If that is not bad enough, we also have a retired LAWYER (with acute personality disorder) who thinks he is the King, Chief Justice, part-time PM and full-time Law Minister.
NOW, we are trying to prevent the entire nation from being SODOMISED by these kind of lunatics.
(There are a few more with a similar 'mental disorder' whom we will expose when the time comes. ... one of them thinks he could decide what the TAXI DRIVERS have to say about him).

p/s In the meantime Malaysians, including the BAR COUNCIL and all its LEGAL EAGLES are wondering why the actual Chief Justice is playing dumb and allowing some lunatic to have a field-day.
Wondering they are, BUT the Bar Council and its DATUK CHIEF are doing it with utmost silence.
I'm just concerned about the SILENT WONDERS.

Say something Ambiga! Say something! You are the Supreme Eagle, aren't you?

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Freedom, Rule Of Law and Transparency - the 'Badawi Kingdom' style.

1. The Challenge from the 'pantat ayam' (chicken backside) creature which is terrorising Parliament!

(The Star) - The feud between Datuk Seri Nazri Abd Aziz, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Departments and Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club (BBC) chairman Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing has worsened.
“I am expecting the BBC to recommend to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to sack me as a minister.
“If they dare not do that on Monday, then shut up and don’t talk anymore,’’ said Nazri
He said this after Tiong said the club was upset with Nazri, who is in charge of Parliament matters. He said Nazri had accused the BBC members of being childish and gangster-like in removing the red tape placed as barricade at Parliament lobby on Tuesday.
The barricade was put up to bar reporters from the lobby.
Tiong said the backbenchers felt insulted by Nazri’s remarks, adding that the BBC had checked with both Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia and Nazri and both were not aware of the barricade.
Tiong had also said the BBC would hold a meeting on Monday to discuss the issue and decide on the next course of action to be taken, as they felt Nazri had gone overboard.

2. Another SUCKER here who is making it all too clear that he's nothing more than a mere RUNNING DOG!

(Bernama) The government believes there is no basis in the allegation that High Court Judge Ian Chin had breached judicial code of ethics, said de facto law minister Zaid Ibrahim.
"The government cannot be setting up a tribunal every now and then just because someone says it should do so," said Zaid.
He was referring to calls by Dr Mahathir Mohamad for a tribunal to be established to investigate alleged misconduct by Justice Chin. Mahathir had on Thursday claimed that Chin had acted in bias when delivering a judgment in 1999.

The former premier also claimed that when the case went to the Federal Court, the judgment by the three-member panel in 2008 also supported his claims.

Zaid said that should Mahathir or others have proof of the alleged misconduct, they could report the matter to the police or the chief justice.

( Dr.Mahathir's written statement - A police report was made by Pengarah, Zara Sdn Bhd on June 16, 2005 on “Salahlaku Hakim Datuk Ian Chin Hon Chong”.

The report went from Police to Chief Justice Malaysia to Ministers, to the Anti Corruption Agency, to the Human Rights Commission and even to the Prime Minister. No action was taken by any of them. )

Zaid also stated that Chin had discharged his duties well and that the government had no intention of stepping in on the tit-for-tat exchange between Mahathir and the judge.

(Dr.Mahathir's written statement) In the meanwhile the cases (DSK, Zara and Banita) went to the Federal Court and a judgement was made on March 25, 2008 and this is what the Federal Court has to say of Chin J’s High Court judgement in the Zara and Banita suits.

“Without evidence or justification, the learned Judge wrongly held that DSK made these decisions. We find that the learned Judge’s findings were based on unjustified inferences, speculation, his own preconceived impressions and prejudice...” and;

“We find the learned Judge’s attack on the credibility of SSA (Syed Salem Al-Bukhary , the younger brother of DSK – who represented his incapacitated brother) as unwarranted and does not stand up to examination having regard to the extremely prejudiced view he held about SSA’s conduct as apparent in his judgment.”

p/s When did the GOVERNMENT arrive at this conclusion, Mr.Zaid ? When you mentioned the GOVERNMENT, does it mean that the CABINET had deliberated this matter or was it merely whispered around in Seri Perdana, witnessed by Jeanne's KITCHEN CABINET?

The Federal Court has clearly said what it had to say about Ian Chin (as stated above) and a police report had been lodged. How could you, the de fuckto Law Minister, then make such ridiculous statements? Have you transformed into a MORON since being appointed as a Minister Mr.Zaid, similar to the former de fuckto Law Minister who is the Parliamentary Housekeeper now?


Let's see what the BNBBC is made of on Monday.

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Bung Karno said...

The previous de facto law minister
sombong bodoh

The present law minister sombong hodoh. Muka orang mabuk.

kgtunku said...

We really should put forward a no confidence motion in this defuckto Law Minister!!!

Mr Belimbing said...


Hahaha...Don't we love living in Malaysia? Politics in Malaysia is damn hot baby!!!

Anonymous said...


Syukur. Finally Tun Dr Mahathir is vindicated. Well, it is God willing.
HE allows Tun to live longer to witness for himself that finally the truth has prevailed.
And HE allows Abdullah Badawi to witness that his decision to release Anwar was a wrong one and the truth has prevailed.
And finally, HE allows Malaysians to see that old habit is hard to die.
If we read and believe the Quran, Anwar will be burnt in hell.
But it is not too late for Anwar. He should come out clean and repent and seek forgiveness from God.
I feel sorry for Wan Azizah. But as they say every wife will always standby their husband.