Tuesday 17 June 2008


TWO MILLION HITS in just 48 days after the FIRST POSTING. Is this a world record or what?

I'm talking about Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad's blog www.chedet.com . Truly trail blazing Dr.Mahathir is leading the way, once again, while the one who is suppose to lead is sleeping on the job.

Think twice if you think Dr.Mahathir is irrelevant !

p/s My fishmonger buddy Ah Siong says it is the current PM who is of no significance to the nation. I wonder how many MILLIONS more share Ah Siong's sentiments ?

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Anonymous said...

hmmm...quite a few million actually going by voter sentiments who'd agree with ah siong....


Anonymous said...


The question is not when but IF.


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