Thursday 26 June 2008


DEFINITE move towards a MAS-AirAsia merger ?

Some not-so-little BIRD says this is in the pipeline and that the so-called 'Asia's aviation guru' is being promoted by Khazanah to lead the new NATIONAL CHAMPION?

(reminds me of the brilliant idea of wanting to create TWO national champions in the aviation industry not so many moons ago. Go here

The bird also said that a few 'BIGGG' guys from Khazanah right up to the 4th floor are not happy with Datuk Seri Idris Idris Jala. The despice the guy for his guts and OBVIOUSLY for his brains.

These BIGGGG guys, the bird said, were waiting for Idris to FAIL so they could move in and have a 'fire-sale' but Idris has been consistently pouring cold water on their face.

p/s What do you think of the intended Mas-AirAsia merger ? How many millions of ringgit should we offer to this new National Champion in the making ?

We re-brand the new national champion AmasSING , or should it be Air Amass ?

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Anonymous said...

Malaysians will be running naked when this PM leaves office!

Hellooooo ! The robbers are not leaving anything behind, they might even go for Najib's 'croc' undies.

Wonder where these holycows would be grazing after the PM steps down coz my BUTCHER buddy has started sharpening his CHOPPERS.